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Is Patch 9.1 Changing World of Warcraft for the Better?

World of Warcraft is one of the largest online MMO communities, with statistics estimating they have a player base of 117 million and a daily player count of 3.3 million at the time of writing (Blizzard won’t share official statistics), which puts them at the top of all MMOs. Not only this, but they are appealing to older player bases with the release of WoW Classic and most recently the release of The Burning Crusade on June 1, allowing players to step into the dark portal once again. However, the stagnant wait for World of Warcraft Patch 9.1, which launched at the end of June, left players migrating to The Burning Crusade. At the time of writing, WoW Classic has a player base of 25 million and a daily player base of 1.72 million. Despite these numbers looking good on paper, some players have said that releasing Classic during Battle for Azeroth was one of the “worst possible thing it could do regarding retail.”To get more news about lootwow, you can visit official website.

On June 29 and 30, players were set to return to World of Warcraft, entering a city called Korthia. For many, it seems to have not exceeded players expectations, with some even saying they will not be returning, as the content is just too stale. A lot of players were expecting all of 9.1’s content to be provided on the release date, only to find that they only had access to some of the content, whereas during April’s Public Testing Realm release, they gave players much more.

He is not the first player to complain, with many even expressing their distraught in general chats which appear in-game. For a large group of the players, they were not expecting to be given such minimal content with no substance. The content consisted of three chapters, two levels of renown to access, rares to kill, and a couple of cutscenes to set the scene in the first week. However, that was all it was. After the first week, it continued the same. They’re slowly rolling out more renown quests week by week, so the campaign cannot be sped through by players.

Before Shadowlands released, many players and fans expressed their excitement, with videos and comments on forums. The expansion looked promising, with some saying it looked better than Battle for Azeroth. With the servers buzzing to life again with the release of 9.1, it left a lot of players wandering around just looking for something to do.

That something was waiting for the Fallen Charger. The Fallen Charger is a mount that you can gain from killing a mob, named the same thing, in the Maw. However, you could be waiting a while. Players have expressed wait times from one hour to a wild fourteen hours of just standing in the same spot. The worst part? The mount isn’t even guaranteed. It has a 5% drop chance. Rinse and repeat until you might get it. There are many things to consider when waiting for the mount, and João explains that.

“You have to be in the Maw when applying for groups that have it up, spamming refresh in group finder,” he said. “Then you have the issue of it being nuked when you join and it has several spawn points, and you might be too far away to get there in time to tag it. Either that, or you join a group and wait 6-12 hours and you can’t do anything else while waiting, otherwise it gets nuked and dies when you get there.”

Despite the complaints about the Fallen Charger, it doesn’t stop the players from trying their hand. Is it because the content out right now is just too minimal to warrant doing?

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