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In the world of League of Legends, LeBlanc is a deceiver and manipulator who thrives in the shadows of Noxus. She is the leader of the Black Rose, a secretive cabal within the city-state, wielding influence and power from the shadows. LeBlanc's true identity and motives are shrouded in mystery, with many speculating that she is not one, but many individuals who have taken up the mantle of the Deceiver over the centuries. When you embark on your journey, mmowow gold can lend a helping hand when you need help.


LeBlanc is a master of illusion and deception, using her magic to confound her enemies and manipulate events to serve her ends. She is a key player in the political intrigues of Noxus, pulling strings behind the scenes and ensuring that her cabal remains in power.


Leblanc's Gameplay:

In League of Legends, LeBlanc is an assassin known for her burst damage and ability to quickly eliminate key targets. She excels at picking off squishy enemies and disrupting team fights with her crowd control and mobility.



  1. Sigil of Malice (Passive): LeBlanc's abilities mark enemies with Sigil of Malice. Her next basic attack against a marked target detonates the sigil, dealing bonus damage.

  2. Shatter Orb (Q): LeBlanc projects an orb that deals magic damage to the first enemy hit. After a short delay, the orb returns to LeBlanc, dealing damage again.

  3. Distortion (W): LeBlanc dashes to a location, dealing damage to enemies near her destination. She can recast the ability to return to her starting location.

  4. Ethereal Chains (E): LeBlanc flings an ethereal chain in a target direction, dealing damage and rooting the first enemy hit. If the target remains tethered after a delay, they are also damaged and rooted again.

  5. Mimic (R): LeBlanc can cast a mimicked version of her most recently used ability, dealing increased damage. Mimic's effects vary depending on the ability cast.


Skill Leveling and Combos:

  • Start with Q, then max W for increased mobility and burst damage. Max Q next for additional damage, and finally E for increased crowd control duration.
  • Combo: Engage with W to close the gap, use Q for damage, then follow up with E to root the target. Continue to use abilities and auto-attacks to finish off the enemy.



  • Primary Path: Domination

    • Keystone: Electrocute
    • Taste of Blood
    • Eyeball Collection
    • Ravenous Hunter
  • Secondary Path: Sorcery

    • Absolute Focus
    • Scorch


These runes provide LeBlanc with extra burst damage, sustain, and a bit of extra poke in the laning phase.



  1. Starting Items: Doran's Ring and Health Potion
  2. Core Items:
    • Luden's Echo: Provides AP, mana, and burst damage, enhancing LeBlanc's burst potential.
    • Sorcerer's Shoes: Offers magic penetration, increasing LeBlanc's damage output.
    • Zhonya's Hourglass: Grants AP, armor, and the active ability to become invulnerable, allowing LeBlanc to survive burst damage and engage more aggressively.


Early Game:

LeBlanc's early game revolves around poking and harassing her lane opponent while roaming to other lanes to secure kills. Use Q to poke enemies from a distance, and W to quickly clear waves and roam. Look for opportunities to set up kills with your jungle or other lanes.


Mid Game:

During the mid-game, LeBlanc should focus on picking off squishy targets and applying pressure on the map. Use your mobility from W to flank and catch out enemies, then burst them down with your combo. Help secure objectives and maintain vision control to set up picks.


Late Game:

In the late game, LeBlanc's role shifts to that of an assassin and disruptor in team fights. Focus on eliminating high-priority targets like the enemy ADC or mid-laner. Use your mobility to stay safe while dealing damage, and use Zhonya's Hourglass to survive when diving into the enemy team.


Tips and Tricks:

  • Use Distortion (W) to dodge skill shots and reposition in team fights.
  • Mimic (R) can be used to mimic any of LeBlanc's other abilities, providing extra burst damage or utility as needed.
  • Use Ethereal Chains (E) to lock down targets, especially high-mobility champions like Yasuo or Zed.
  • Keep track of your passive (Sigil of Malice) to maximize your damage output in trades and fights.


Recommended Team Compositions:

  1. Hard Engage Composition:

    • Top: Malphite
    • Jungle: Amumu
    • Mid: LeBlanc
    • ADC: Jhin
    • Support: Leona
  2. Poke Composition:

    • Top: Jayce
    • Jungle: Nidalee
    • Mid: LeBlanc
    • ADC: Ezreal
    • Support: Karma
  3. Protect the Carry Composition:

    • Top: Ornn
    • Jungle: Sejuani
    • Mid: LeBlanc
    • ADC: Jinx
    • Support: Lulu

Each composition complements LeBlanc's strengths and provides opportunities for her to excel as an assassin and disruptor.


LeBlanc is a versatile and highly mobile assassin capable of picking off key targets and disrupting team fights with her crowd control and burst damage. With the right runes, items, and gameplay strategy, LeBlanc players can dominate the early, mid, and late game, securing kills and objectives for their team while striking fear into the hearts of their enemies.


Early Game: Against Zoe, LeBlanc needs to be cautious of her poke and burst damage from her Paddle Star (Q) and Sleepy Trouble Bubble (E). LeBlanc should focus on farming safely and avoid getting hit by Zoe's skill shots. Use Distortion (W) to dodge Zoe's abilities and retaliate with your poke using Shatter Orb (Q). LeBlanc can look for opportunities to trade aggressively when Zoe's abilities are on cooldown.


Mid-Game: During the mid-game, LeBlanc should aim to roam and pick off squishy targets with her burst damage. Zoe's strength lies in her ability to catch opponents out of position and burst them down with her combo. LeBlanc should use her mobility to roam to other lanes and secure kills, then return to the lane to pressure Zoe. In team fights, LeBlanc should look for opportunities to assassinate Zoe or other high-priority targets, using her mobility to quickly dash in and out of fights.


Late Game: In the late game, LeBlanc's role is to continue assassinating priority targets and disrupting team fights. Zoe's burst damage becomes even more dangerous in the late game, so LeBlanc must be careful not to get caught out of position. Use Zhonya's Hourglass to survive Zoe's burst if necessary and continue to apply pressure on the enemy team. In team fights, LeBlanc should focus on flanking and assassinating key targets like Zoe to turn the tide of battle in her team's favor.


Handling Teamfights: Against Zoe, LeBlanc should prioritize assassinating her or other high-priority targets like the ADC or support. LeBlanc should use her mobility to quickly dash in and out of fights, using Distortion (W) to engage or disengage as needed. LeBlanc can also use her Ethereal Chains (E) to lock down Zoe and prevent her from casting her abilities. In team fights, LeBlanc should look for opportunities to burst down key targets and create chaos in the enemy team's backline.


Why LeBlanc is a Popular Pick: LeBlanc is a popular pick because of her high burst damage, mobility, and outplay potential. She is a highly rewarding champion for players who enjoy aggressive playstyles and making flashy plays. Her ability to quickly eliminate key targets and roam effectively makes her a strong pick in both solo queue and competitive play. However, when some players choose to further explore and become familiar with a certain hero, some players will choose a faster method to cheap League of Legends accounts.


LeBlanc's Attributes: LeBlanc is an assassin with high burst damage and mobility. She excels at picking off squishy targets and snowballing the game in her team's favor. Her kit allows her to quickly dash in and out of fights, making her difficult to catch and kill.



  • High burst damage and mobility.
  • Strong roaming potential.
  • Ability to outplay opponents with her deception and mobility.
  • Snowballs well with early kills and leads.



  • Relatively low sustained damage compared to other assassins.
  • Requires good mechanics and decision-making to maximize effectiveness.
  • Can be punished if caught out of position or if her abilities are on cooldown.


Tips for LeBlanc Players:

  • Practice landing LeBlanc's combo (W-Q-E) consistently for maximum burst damage.
  • Use Distortion (W) to dodge skill shots and position aggressively in team fights.
  • Save Mimic (R) for LeBlanc's most damaging ability to maximize burst damage.
  • Communicate with your team and coordinate engages or picks to capitalize on LeBlanc's burst potential.


Conclusion: LeBlanc is a high-risk, high-reward champion who excels at assassinating key targets and creating chaos in team fights. With her mobility, burst damage, and outplay potential, she can single-handedly carry games when played well. However, she requires good mechanics and decision-making to be effective, and players should be mindful of her weaknesses, such as her relatively low sustained damage and susceptibility to being caught out of position. With practice and experience, LeBlanc players can dominate the mid-lane and carry their teams to victory.

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