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Born in the shadowy forests of the Shadow Isles, Shami'ra was once an ordinary girl until she was saved by the Queen of the Shadow Isles, Lakkhan. Gifted with dark magic, Shami'ra grew into a powerful sorceress, serving her queen faithfully. However, as she delved deeper into the queen's plans, she discovered the darkness that consumed her and decided to rebel against her. When you embark on your journey, mmowow gold can lend a helping hand when you need help.

Hero Positioning and Skill Introduction:

Positioning: Shami'ra is positioned as a mage support in League of Legends, focusing on crowd control and utility to aid her allies.

Skill Introduction:

  1. Source of Misery (Q): Shami'ra releases dark energy, damaging enemies in a target area and slowing them down.

  2. Torment (W): Shami'ra banishes a target, dealing damage and stunning them.

  3. Light's Descent (E): Shami'ra emits a beam of light, healing nearby allies and granting them a shield.

  4. Web of Fate (R): Shami'ra summons a web of darkness, trapping enemies within the target area and dealing continuous damage.

Gameplay and Skill Point Allocation:

Skill Point Allocation:

  • Level 1: Q
  • Level 2: E
  • Level 3: W
  • Max Q first for poke and harassment in the laning phase.
  • Max E second for sustain and shield strength to protect allies.
  • Max W last as it is mainly used for crowd control.


  • Early Game: Utilize Q to harass enemies and E to sustain and shield allies. Use W to set up kills or peels for your ADC.
  • Mid Game: Focus on providing crowd control and utility in team fights with your W and R. Use E to keep your team healthy during skirmishes and rotations.
  • Late Game: Coordinate with your team to engage or disengage fights using R. Continue to provide healing and shielding with E to keep your team alive during extended team fights.
Rune Suggestions and Analysis:

Primary Runes - Resolve Tree:

  • Guardian: Provides a shield to ally champions when Shami'ra uses her abilities, enhancing her supportive role.
  • Font of Life: Grants healing to allies who attack enemies Shami'ra has impaired, further enhancing her support capabilities.
  • Bone Plating: Reduces incoming damage from enemy champions, increasing Shami'ra's survivability in skirmishes and team fights.
  • Revitalize: Increases the effectiveness of Shami'ra's healing and shielding abilities, amplifying her supportive impact on the battlefield.

Secondary Runes - Inspiration Tree:

  • Biscuit Delivery: Provides extra sustain in the planning phase, allowing Shami'ra to stay in the lane longer and support her ADC effectively.
  • Cosmic Insight: Reduces the cooldown of Shami'ra's summoner spells and item actives, allowing her to use her utility more frequently.
Recommended Build:

Starting Items:

  • Spell Thief's Edge + Health Potion

Core Items:

  • Hextech GLP-800: Provides mana sustain, cooldown reduction, and crowd control for engaging or disengaging fights.
  • Ardent Censer: Increases healing and shielding power, benefiting Shami'ra's supportive playstyle.

Defensive Items:

  • Zeke's Convergence: Provides additional armor and magic resist, as well as bonus damage for Shami'ra and her linked ally.
  • Redemption: Offers global healing and a powerful active effect, allowing Shami'ra to support her team from afar.

Utility Items:

  • Thornmail: Against heavy AD compositions, Thornmail provides additional crowd control and healing reduction.
Early, Mid, and Late Game Combo and Playstyle:

Early Game Combo:

  • Q-E-W: Use Q to poke enemies, E to heal and shield allies, and W to set up kills or peels for your ADC.

Mid Game Combo:

  • R-Q-W-E: Initiate fights with R, follow up with Q to poke and W to stun key targets, then use E to keep allies alive during skirmishes.

Late Game Combo:

  • R-E-W-Q: Coordinate with your team to engage or disengage fights using R, prioritize using E to keep your team healthy, then follow up with W and Q for crowd control and damage.
Team Composition Recommendations:
  1. Strong Engage Composition:

    • Top: Malphite
    • Jungle: Sejuani
    • Mid: Orianna
    • ADC: Jhin
    • Support: Shami'ra
  2. Scaling/Farm Composition:

    • Top: Gangplank
    • Jungle: Karthus
    • Mid: Kassadin
    • ADC: Kai'Sa
    • Support: Shami'ra
  3. Individual Skill Composition:

    • Top: Fiora
    • Jungle: Lee Sin
    • Mid: Syndra
    • ADC: Ezreal
    • Support: Shami'ra

Each composition should utilize Shami'ra's crowd control and supportive abilities to complement the team's strengths and playstyle, whether it's engaging, scaling, or individual skill prowess.

Against Ornn:

Early Game: In the laning phase against Ornn, focus on farming and avoiding his abilities. Ornn's passive, Living Forge, allows him to upgrade his items for free, giving him a power spike in the mid to late game. Your goal should be to poke him down while avoiding extended trades, as Ornn's sustained damage can be difficult to handle early on. Utilize your range advantage and harass Ornn whenever he goes for CS.

Mid Game: As the game progresses, continue to harass Ornn and look for opportunities to roam and help your team. Ornn's engagement potential increases with his ultimate, Call of the Forge God, so keep an eye on your positioning and be ready to disengage if he tries to initiate a fight. Use your crowd control abilities to peel for your team if Ornn manages to catch someone out.

Late Game: In team fights, stay behind your frontline and focus on dealing damage to high-priority targets. Ornn's crowd control can disrupt your team, so be prepared to use your abilities defensively to protect yourself and your carries. Keep track of Ornn's cooldowns, especially his ultimate, and try to capitalize on opportunities when they are down. But for some players, one of the ways to improve the gaming experience is to find a safe and reliable supplier of League of Legends accounts.

Handling Different Engage Styles:

  • Hard Engage (e.g., Malphite, Alistar): Stay positioned safely behind your team and be ready to use your crowd control abilities to peel for your carries. Save your ultimate for disengaging or counter-engaging when the enemy team dives in.

  • Poke and Disengage (e.g., Xerath, Lux): Dodge enemy skill shots and focus on poking down the enemy team. Use your abilities to disrupt their engagement attempts and create opportunities for your team to counter-engage.

Why Shami'ra is a Popular and Beginner-Friendly Hero:

Reasons for Popularity:

  1. Supportive Playstyle: Shami'ra's kit is designed to provide healing, shielding, and crowd control to her team, making her a valuable asset in any composition.

  2. Easy to Learn: Shami'ra's abilities are straightforward to understand, making her a great choice for beginner players who want to learn the support role.

  3. Impactful in Team Fights: With her crowd control and utility, Shami'ra can turn the tide of team fights and protect her teammates from harm.

Shami'ra's Attributes and Gameplay Feel:

  • Shami'ra's abilities offer a satisfying mix of healing, shielding, and crowd control, allowing players to feel impactful in every stage of the game.

  • Her supportive playstyle encourages teamwork and communication, making her a great choice for players who enjoy working closely with their teammates.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Shami'ra:


  • Strong healing and shielding abilities
  • Crowd control for both engage and disengage
  • Relatively easy to learn and play
  • Scales well into the late game


  • Reliant on teammates for damage output
  • Vulnerable to hard engage and burst damage
  • Limited mobility compared to other supports
Tips for Playing Shami'ra:
  1. Positioning: Stay behind your team and prioritize protecting your carries in team fights.

  2. Ability Timing: Use your healing and shielding abilities at the right time to maximize their effectiveness and keep your team alive.

  3. Communication: Coordinate with your team and communicate important cooldowns and engage/disengage plans.

  4. Vision Control: Place wards and use vision to prevent enemy flanks and engage attempts.


Shami'ra is a versatile and beginner-friendly support champion with strong healing, shielding, and crowd-control abilities. With the right positioning and timing, she can turn the tide of team fights and protect her teammates from harm. While she may have some weaknesses, her supportive playstyle and impactful abilities make her a valuable asset to any team. With practice and game knowledge, players can excel with Shami'ra and climb the ranks of League of Legends.

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