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In the vast world of Runeterra, Aatrox is a dark and brooding figure, once a noble and proud warrior, now a fallen and twisted being consumed by vengeance. Long ago, he was a part of an ancient race known as the Darkin, powerful beings of immense strength and indomitable will. But as the Rune Wars ravaged the land, Aatrox and his brethren were imprisoned in weapons by those they sought to control. When you embark on your journey, mmowow gold can lend a helping hand when you need help.

However, Aatrox's spirit endured, bound to his massive blade. In times of great conflict, he would awaken, seeking out warriors to wield him and unleash his fury upon the world. But with each battle, Aatrox's thirst for blood only grew, driving him deeper into darkness and despair.

Champion Role and Skills:

In League of Legends, Aatrox is a formidable fighter, often played in the top lane or jungle. His kit revolves around sustained damage, crowd control, and self-healing.


The Darkin Blade (Passive): Aatrox's attacks and abilities fill up his Blood Well. Once full, he gains increased attack damage and revives upon taking fatal damage.
Dark Flight (Q): Aatrox dashes forward and slams his greatsword, damaging and knocking up enemies in the area.
Blood Thirst/Blood Price (W): Aatrox's W has two forms. Blood Thirst heals him when activated, while Blood Price deals bonus damage at the cost of his health.
Blades of Torment (E): Aatrox fires a skill shot that damages and slows enemies hit. If they are hit at the tip of the skill, they are also knocked up.
World Ender (R): Aatrox unleashes his true power, gaining increased attack damage, movement speed, and a mass revive upon takedown.
Early Game:

In the early game, Aatrox should focus on farming and harassing his lane opponent with his Q and E abilities. His sustain from Blood Thirst (W) allows him to trade effectively and sustain through poke. He should look to set up ganks with his crowd control and capitalize on any mistakes made by the enemy laner.

Mid Game:

As the game progresses, Aatrox becomes a powerful split-pusher and team fighter. With his sustain and damage, he can pressure side lanes while still being a significant threat in team fights. Look to engage or flank with Dark Flight (Q) and use World Ender (R) to turn fights in your team's favor.

Late Game:

In the late game, Aatrox's role remains similar to the mid-game. He should continue to pressure side lanes and look for opportunities to engage in team fights. Properly timing his World Ender (R) is crucial, as it can turn the tide of a fight and secure objectives like Baron or Elder Dragon.

Skill Order and Combos:

For skill order, maxing Q first provides the most damage and utility, followed by E for increased poke and crowd control, and finally W for sustain.


Engage with Dark Flight (Q)
Follow up with Blades of Torment (E) for poke and slow
Activate Blood Thirst (W) for sustain or Blood Price (W) for burst damage
Use World Ender (R) to increase damage and movement speed, and revive if necessary
Runes and Itemization:

For runes, Conqueror is a strong choice for Aatrox, providing additional sustain and damage in extended fights. For secondary, take Domination with Taste of Blood and Ravenous Hunter for even more sustain.

As for items, start with Doran's Blade or Doran's Shield depending on the matchup. Rush Black Cleaver for cooldown reduction, health, and armor penetration. Follow up with items like Death's Dance for sustain, Sterak's Gage for survivability, and Guardian Angel for additional safety in team fights.

Recommended Team Compositions:

Strong Engage Composition: Pair Aatrox with champions like Malphite, Orianna, Sejuani, and Miss Fortune. This comp excels at engaging fights and locking down priority targets.
Split Pushing Composition: Combine Aatrox with champions like Twisted Fate, Nunu, Fiora, and Jinx. This comp focuses on pressuring side lanes while still being able to group for team fights when necessary.
Dive Composition: Team up with champions like Zac, Lissandra, Yasuo, and Kai'Sa. This comp aims to dive onto the enemy backline and quickly eliminate priority targets.

Aatrox is a versatile fighter with strong sustain and damage potential throughout all stages of the game. Mastering his kit and understanding his role within different team compositions will lead to success on the Rift. Whether you prefer split pushing, team fighting, or diving onto priority targets, Aatrox offers the tools to dominate the battlefield.

Facing Viktor in Lane:

Early Game:
Against Viktor in the early game, focus on harassing him and denying him CS whenever possible. His weak early game makes him vulnerable to aggressive plays. Try to dodge his abilities, especially his Death Ray (E), and punish him when he uses it to farm. Push the wave to his tower to force him to farm under the turret, where he may struggle.

Mid Game:
In the mid-game, Viktor starts to scale with his upgraded Hex Core and can become a significant threat. Be cautious of his burst damage from his upgraded abilities. Look for opportunities to roam and impact other lanes, as Viktor's lack of mobility makes him vulnerable to ganks. Keep pressure on him in the lane to delay his power spike.

Late Game:
Late game Viktor becomes a potent team fighter with his AoE crowd control and burst damage. In team fights, prioritize diving onto him to disrupt his damage output. Be wary of his Gravity Field (W), as it can zone you or your teammates. Coordinate with your team to focus him down quickly before he can wreak havoc with his abilities.

Team Fight Tactics:
In team fights against Viktor, engage quickly and decisively to prevent him from unleashing his full combo. Look to flank or dive onto him with your team's frontline to force him out of position. Prioritize dodging his Death Ray (E) and staying out of the range of his Chaos Storm (R).

Why Aatrox is a Good Pick:
Aatrox is a strong pick for players because of his versatile kit and playstyle. His sustain from Blood Thirst (W) allows him to trade effectively in the lane and survive ganks. His crowd control from Dark Flight (Q) and Blades of Torment (E) makes him a threat in team fights, especially when paired with engaged champions. Aatrox's ultimate, World Ender (R), provides him with increased damage and survivability, allowing him to dive deep into enemy lines and wreak havoc. However, when some players choose to further explore and become familiar with a certain hero, some players will choose a faster method to League of Legends accounts.

Advantages and Disadvantages:

Advantages: Aatrox has strong sustain and damage throughout all stages of the game. His crowd control and mobility make him a threat in team fights, and his revive mechanic allows him to turn fights in his team's favor.
Disadvantages: Aatrox can struggle against champions with high mobility or sustain, as well as heavy crowd control and burst damage. He is also vulnerable to being kited or focused down in team fights if he doesn't properly manage his cooldowns and positioning.
Tips for Players:

Practice landing Dark Flight (Q) to engage or disengage effectively.
Use Blades of Torment (E) to poke and slow enemies in the lane or during team fights.
Manage your Blood Thirst/Blood Price (W) effectively to sustain through trades and burst down targets.
Time your World Ender (R) properly to maximize damage and survivability in team fights, and make use of its revive mechanic strategically.
In conclusion, Aatrox is a strong pick against Viktor due to his ability to pressure him in the lane and disrupt his team's fighting capabilities. By understanding Viktor's strengths and weaknesses and playing to Aatrox's strengths, players can effectively control the pace of the game and lead their team to victory.


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