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How Can You Stop a Puppy From Biting and Nipping While Playing?

One of the most frustrating aspects of raising a puppy is nipping and biting. Puppies act as if nothing is off-limits and must position the entire thing out of their mouths like small babies.Except for operating on nipping behaviour as outlined underneath, please make sure you start with doggy-proofing your property to help keep them out of danger.

It’s normal for your puppy that they want to nip and chew on anything and everything they see. However, Their needle-sharp teeth can be very painful.

You don’t want your puppy to make a habit of nipping and biting for lifelong. Consistent training and redirection can prevent this. 

Why Your Puppy is Nipping

It would help if you understood why your puppy needs to change his training and management methods. It depends on the time and how they feel while nipping. 

 The Following Might be the Few Reasons Why Your Puppy is Nipping:

  • There are plenty of things for your puppy to do when bored. Puppies love exploring their world with their mouth by nipping and biting. 

  • They want your attention. Once a puppy learns that nipping works to get your attention, they’re likely to try it all the time. Work on teaching your puppy that an alternative behaviour, such as sitting, works even better

  • They might be hungry. Some puppies get nippier before mealtime.

  • Your puppy is tired. Then they might need a nap in their crate or a safe, quiet spot like their puppy zone if they’re excessively nipping.

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