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Design your home interior and Find Inexpensive Ways to Make Your Home Look Expensive

Are you wondering how to make your home look more expensive? Design your home interior? Well, apart from the kitchen, the living area is the one which has the most important part in the house. As it mentioned its name, it’s where our life happens. It is the place where guests gather, communicate and also where you spend your lazy mornings and evenings by the fire and, apart from all these, in most floor plans, one of the first parts we see after entering a home.

How to Decorate Your Home? | Design your home interior | 

Do you ever feel like living in a home which looks luxurious? We thought so. Luckily, you don’t need to spend busloads of money to make it look like you spent a huge amount of money. The cost of the basic decorating items also can add up but if you are actually aiming for a flawless and regal finish, then you need a perfect deep pockets. 

Discover the Decorating Tips and Design your home interior:
  1. Use white, ivory and cream-Cream and ivory both have warm undertones, unlike white, which has cool undertones. The color ivory is neutral, falling somewhere in the color spectrum between cool shades of white and more yellow-based shades of cream.

2. Interior Design Trends for kitchen Appliances-When planning a new kitchen interior design or renovating a kitchen, most people think first about which cabinets or countertops to choose. Get inspired by these built-in kitchen appliances for your modern Indian kitchen.

  1. How to Add DIY Decorative Wall Molding to Your House-Do you want to install a decorative trim on your property interiors? If you are new to decorating, the term molding can get overwhelming. The best ways to use crown molding to update the design of your home. It also has plenty of decorative molding to add to their elegance.

4. Make sure that curtains hit the floor-This type of curtain length has a smooth and stylish look. It makes your windows look taller and more elegant. Before purchasing curtains, make sure the panels are wide enough to cover your home’s windows.\

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Why Yudhishthira refused heaven for his dog

Various animals have contributed to the life of man since ancient times. And there are many such stories in our Puranas in which animals have been shown as companions of gods and goddesses. In the story of Mahabharata also, a dog comes into Yudhishthira’s life and supports Yudhishthira till his ultimate goal.

After a few years of ascending the throne of Hastinapur, Maharaja Yudhishthira got bored with the kingdom’s work. And there was no desire in his mind to rule anymore. Then he accepted the advice of Maharishi Ved Vyas and decided to go to heaven bodily. One day, Yudhishthira handed over his crown to Parikshit, Arjuna’s grandson, and then set out on a long journey to heaven.

Seeing Yudhishthira going alone, Draupadi said, “I will not let you go alone.” When Yudhishthira’s brothers – Bhima, Arjuna, Nakula and Sahadeva, heard about Yudhishthira going to heaven, they also agreed to go along.

Thus Yudhishthira, along with Draupadi and his brothers, proceeded towards the very high Mount Meru, the gates of heaven. But when he left his palace, a dog wagging his tail followed him.

The journey to Mount Meru was long and tiring. When the Pandavas family went on the journey, the dog would start walking ahead with them, and when it rested, it would also stop. He happily accepted whatever the Pandavas gave him to eat, and whenever anyone noticed him, everyone found him wagging his tail.

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Types Of Modular Kitchen Cabinets And Their 5 UsesModular Kitchen Cabinets And Their Uses

A modular kitchen plan refers to the path that involves the association of sub-assemblies or distinct corridors like kitchen closets, cupboards, snuggeries, etc. It will integrate and configure into a single, holistic system. Modular kitchen cabinetsdesigns fulfil various customer needs by decomposing complicated complexes into basic units, bluffing effectiveness and inflexibility at the installation site. 

Space Management:- Optimally utilizing every niche and spot of the space in the ambient, modular kitchen cabinets maximize functionality and emulsion storage complexes seamlessly. Cost-Effective Installation:- These are mass-produced and relatively economical in terms of induction. The prefabricated complexion of modular kitchen networks allows for plain and ready inauguration on-point.Easy Maintenance and Repair:-Modular kitchens will design to enter every bitsy split, so modular kitchens cabinets are extremely easy to clean and maintain.Variation and Customization:- Modular kitchens are available in an expansive range of colours, textures, accoutrements, and designs. From enthusiastic and ultramodern to lubricated and evolved, these give access to every territory and aesthetic.Remodelling and Flexibility:-Due to their operating complexion, modular kitchen miniatures permit guests to change the aesthetic of their kitchen at any point in time. Base Kitchen Cabinets:- Base kitchen cabinets are placed right on top of the flooring to establish the footprint of the kitchen’s layout. You can use them to support the countertop on top of the cupboards. There’s the option of installing the Gomorrah in your base press and other appliances.

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Narsingh – A tale of the half-man half-lion incarnation of Lord Vishnu

In Hindu mythology, we all have observed many stories of gods and goddesses of their various incarnations where they took birth and symbolized animals. For example, lord Ganesh has the head of an elephant, and lord Vishnu took his first incarnation as a Matsya avatar, where he has half the body of a fish. 

The stories of animals and birds have come differently in Indian mythology. These are where some characters have come in the form of complete animals. Some have appeared in these stories with the qualities of half human and half animal.

One such character is Lord Narasimha, who appeared in the form of half lion and half male. The folk entertainment combination of a lion and a great man, Narasimha, is the fourth incarnation of Lord Vishnu in the mythological avatar story. There is an interesting story behind why Lord Narasimha had to appear in such a special form.

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How To Choose The Best Modular Kitchen Designer In IndiaWhy go for modular kitchen designers in India? 

Our modular kitchen designs blend traditional and ultramodern, making them ideal for Indian homes. Our techniques allow ease of movement, unchecked work business, and, at the same time, convert awkward spaces into intelligent storehouse results.

With Kutchina modular kitchen projects, your master class and paramount functionality. From design to release, our experts hold carefulness of everything.

Our master plans permit inflexibility and harmony, making them perfect for Indian homes

We offer fantastic designs at great price points. Please select the method you want for your kitchen and leave the math to our experts. They will personalize the kitchen to fit your home, taste, and budget.

Our sleek contemporary design will give you the perfect kitchen experience and make your kitchen drool-worthy and highly functional.

L-shaped Modular Kitchen:-This kitchen class has its cancelers circulate over two touching joining walls aligned at the same phase, shaping the condition of the ABC”L. It’s the most familiar way of planning, and it’s capable of closely any kitchen, consequential or negligible, and can be positioned in corners
U-Shaped Modular Kitchen:-The counter runs along the room’s three walls in the U-shaped kitchen, holding the shape of the letter “U.” This class format is complete for houses with a large area designated for its kitchen. Since it uses the kitchen’s three walls, this layout can offer its cooks an excellent field of activity. Straight Modular Kitchen:-A straight modular kitchen has cabinets and shelves along one linear line. It is the most compact and uncomplicated of all kitchen layouts. It works well for small-sized kitchens and studio suites with open-bottom designs where one portion of the place has a living region and will design others for cuisine. Parallel Modular Kitchen:-A parallel modular kitchen, bellowed Galley Modular Kitchen, consists of two similar lengthy workstations on contrary walls facing each other, with a hallway between them. Each sect can exist on any expanse and pick up the set for any dry or wet composition. 
G-shaped Modular Kitchen:- The G- shaped or Peninsula modular kitchen is a mix of a U-Shaped kitchen and an islet kitchen, with the redundant standing workspace fixed to the primary counterforce. 

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Know Why Guru Gobind Singh Ji Kept a Baaj

We all know that the eagle is considered the king of all birds. The eagle has many rare features that cannot be found in any other bird. And whatever Guru Gobind Singh Ji also said or did in his life, he did it to teach the Sikhs initiated in the Khalsa Panth. In this way, there were many such lessons and secrets that he wanted to tell the people running on the Khalsa Panth, in always having an eagle with him.

In Sikhism, the eagle represents a Khalsa. Guru Gobind Singh Ji believed that all the major characteristics of the eagle should be there in the life of a Khalsa, and he should always follow these symptoms. So let us know the characteristics of an eagle that differentiates them from others when adopted by a Khalsa.

The hawk is a free animal that cannot be kept in captivity. And even if this happens, the eagle will either fly out of the cage somehow or give up his life by staying in the cell. So you cannot make him your slave. This statement by Guru Gobind Singh Ji should also apply to a Khalsa. He should neither lead the life of slavery himself nor inspire his family and members of society to do so.

The eagle is a self-sufficient creature. He hunts himself. Similarly, a Khalsa has also been taught that he should depend on himself. Khalsa is never seen begging in front of anyone. The Khalsa trusts himself because he has the blessings (blessings) and Kripa (grace) of Guru Gobind Singh Ji.

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Best Design To Make Your Outdoor Living Space Stunning

Nothing is better than spending time outside surrounded by close family and buddies. A well-designed out-of-door living area will extend the walls of your home, creating an inviting space to relax, entertain, and enjoy the beautiful rainfall.

These simple tips will help you produce a stunning out-of-door space that’s both drinking and functional.

ENSURE PRIVACY:-A beautiful sitting or dining area is less relaxing if visible to neighbours or high-traffic areas. Fences, garden walls, shrubbery, and trees provide privacy and help establish a serene atmosphere. OFFER SHADE + DEFINE SPACE:-Protecting from the elements is vital, but shelters add character and define the space. Many homes offer covered patios, gazebos, pergolas, and canopiesLARGE UMBRELLAS:-Define your space. Continue to add separateness by defining the border of your “open-air room.” most people find plants more calming than hardscape, so consider planting walls to define the area.CAREFULLY CONSIDERED FURNITURE:-Choosing the right furniture is essential to create an outdoor space that extends your home. 

Maharaja Shivi – The King who sacrificed his body to save a bird

Maharaja Shivi was born in the Puru dynasty and was the king of the Ushinar country. He was a great philanthropist and pious. Any petitioner who reached his door never returned empty-handed. King Shivi had great affection for the creatures. There was an atmosphere of happiness, peace, and affection in his kingdom. Discussions of his philanthropy and sacrifice were famous from earth to heaven.

When the gods told Indra and Agni Dev about the fame of King Shivi, they could not believe it. To find out the truth of this fact, he decided to take the test of Ushinresh Shivi. And then Indra took the form of an eagle and Agni took the form of a pigeon and then both of them flew to the kingdom of King Shivi.

At that time King Shivi was busy performing the rituals of a Yagya. Then, taking the form of a pigeon, Agni fell in the lap of the Maharaja while praying. The pigeon said to the king in the language of a trembling man, “Sir, protect me, I have come under your shelter.”

In a short time, Indra, taking the form of an eagle, also came there and said to King Shivi, “Rajan, you are undoubtedly a godly and benevolent king. That’s why you have no enemy on this earth. What are you doing being so great? Distraught with hunger, I was wandering in search of food. That’s when I found this bird, so you cannot take it in your shelter. This is wrongdoing. Please give me my food back.”

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Top Tips To Monsoon Proof Your Modular Kitchen Design

A kitchen is considered theheart of a home.This is the place where the lady of a house spends most of her time doing chores. Everyone desires to have a classy and urbane kitchen, as that’s the only place that can be used for the storage of food. To make your kitchen livelier and cool, one can prefer the concept of a modular kitchen. It is the contemporary concept of a kitchen with sleek designs and pervasive features. There are various styles in which one can design modular kitchens.

Kitchen interiors can include an array of furniture like chairs, tables, racks, and closets. Contemplating the various kinds of kitchen furniture today, the dreary culinary place is renovated into a swanky attention-grabbing place. Here are a few important steps to having your modular kitchen;



Main components of a Modular kitchen: You can either plan and design your modular kitchen or hire an interior designerto do it for you. A modular kitchen should have these mandatory sections like cabins, chimneys, shelves, cabinet shutters, fittings, drawers, and voluminous place, and a dishwasher.

  • Types of modular kitchens: You can go in for a box-type kitchen as it is quite common. A box-type kitchen can be created if your kitchen does not have any counters or shelves at all. It includes various cabinets, counters, shutters, and pullouts. Modular kitchens can also be designed in various other styles like ;

  • Crystal style

  • Time Style

  • U shaped style

  • C shaped style

  • L shaped style

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How plastic waste effects animals? Why is single-use plastic being banned in India?

Humans invented plastic, and animals are harmed by it. They eat it, get caught in it, or get sick because of it. Plastic pollution occurred so rapidly that animals could not adjust their behavior around this new material.

According to recent reports from earth.org, around 1.2 million bottles are used by humans per minute. Around 500 billion cups and 500 plastic cups have been used for years. Pure cult says that 9 million tons of plastic are used by humans, which is almost 4 Mount Everest, and only 9 % of them are recycled. India is among the top 100 nations to take steps toward plastic pollution by banning plastic from the 1st of July 2022. Standard plastic takes 1000 years to decompose in landforms. Our favorite plastic bottle takes 450 years to decompose, and shopping bags and little things we use take around 10 to 20 years to decompose in land firms. 

The above information represents just a tiny portion of the animal casualties caused by plastic. How many sharks are killed that we never find because their bodies sink? How many cows die in impoverished communities where no postmortem is ever carried out? How many ocean microorganisms are affected? We don’t know – but we know the consequences will be dire unless we take action.

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