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Susan Grey
Susan Grey Feb 16 '23
If You are using Email for the first time and you have to send emails to multiple recipients individually but you don't know how to send an email to multiple recipients individually. We will guide you in this first you need to sign in to your Gmail account then after signing up you have to click on compose. Now click on cc/bcc in the “to” field then click on Bcc and start entering the recipient's name you still need to add an email address to the field of To. Now write an email and click on the send button.

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Paul Dupont
Paul Dupont Mar 24 '23
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Jimmy Mar 30 '23

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How to Use the BCC method in Gmail

Open Gmail and sign in.

Open a new email and write the message you intend to send to your contact list.

Click BCC in the top-right of your Compose window.

Add all the email addresses to which you intend to send the message. ...

Add an email address into the “To” field.

abel Apr 2 '23
I appreciate you taking the sumplete unlimited time to read this; I think highly of it and enjoy learning more about this subject.
llucklinn Apr 28 '23
This will ensure that each recipient receives an individual email and does not see the other recipients' email addresses magic tiles 3.
Max May 4 '23
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Christine Barber
Christine Barber Jun 1 '23
You can use the Cc or Bcc option to send an email to numerous recipients at the same time. When you add someone to the Cc (or Carbon Copy) list, they will receive a copy of the lego 2k drive email sent to the original recipient. 
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AbbyEdmondson Jun 17 '23
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Kara Mari
Kara Mari Jun 19 '23
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