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Roblox Murder Mystery 2, often known as MM2, provides MM2 knives players with a range of weapons. These weapons are divided into two types: knife and gun. They are comparable in terms of damage but are considerably different when it comes to design. And with this, the debate over the best-looking weaponry began. Moreover, it is quite a complex topic since people have their own preferences and opinions.

Assassins have a primary weapon slot where they must carry their weapon of choice and use it to slaughter the innocent. Weapons can also be used by Sheriffs and Heroes to save the innocent, and they play a vital part in the game's progress and gameplay mechanics.

Developers have produced a number of enticing weapons since the launch of Roblox MM2. Players can get them by unboxing Mystery Boxes and via crafting and trading. Players at the top of the global leaderboard may also receive special firearms to add to their arsenal. This article will discuss the five best-looking firearms in an attempt to put an end to the discussion once and for all.

Note: The article represents the author's views only.

The Elderwood Revolver is of godly rarity in Roblox MM2. It was available in the special Halloween Box during the 2019 Halloween event. This firearm was introduced alongside the Elderwood Knife, completing the Elderwood set. The revolver is estimated to be worth between 110 and 145 Seers; some players sell this revolver at a higher price.

The weapon's unusual aesthetic merits a position on this list. It is also the ideal item for those that enjoy carrying a vintage revolver in-game. It has a distinct color and a wood style combined with a violet hue that gives it an appealing appearance. A dark purple tree trunk was used to make the handle, and purple engravings adorn the barrel and frame.

Note: Since the event is no longer active, this revolver is MM2 Guns only available through trade.