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Blizzard just released the major update for World of Warcraft Classic along with Update 8.3, Vision of N'Zoth, bringing a series of new content including the Allied races, a 12-boss raid, Assaults and more.To get more news about classic wow buy gold, you can visit lootwowgold official website.

After the Old God N'Zoth was unleashed from his titanwrought prison, causing huge threat across Azeroth, which turns friends into foes and trapping traps warriors' minds in nightmare visions of a hopeless future. The Horde or Alliance, each hero unite to defeat the God and protect the wounded world. In order to gain the cleansing force, the heroes should meet: After that, you are just allowed to complete more questline to open the Assaults and go to Horrific Visions after completing two of them and gain some unique rewards, such as the legendary cloak Ashjra'kamas, Shroud of Resolve, the more storyline you unlock each Assault, the more rewards and gear to obtain.

Until here, the battle with N'Zoth just starts, good luck on your adventure. During this period, you'll encounter: Allied race: Mechagnome and Vulpera. Each one has a distinct style, traits, armour and cool new mounts. In order to unlock both of them, the players have to add the Battle for Azeroth expansion installed and gain Exalted with both races' respective factions. 12-boss raid: Ny'alotha, the new added Waking City, awaking from its long sleep when the Old God N'Zoth taking control of the Black Empire's throne, the Horde and Alliance need to take down the ancient enemies in Azeroth and save the universe from destruction.

Here, you all would encounter the foes, Wrathion, Maut, The Prophet Skitra, Dark Inquisitor, Vexiona, The Hivemind, Ra-den, Shad'har the Insatiable, Drest'agath, Il'gynoth, Carapace of N'Zoth, N'Zoth. Assault: It is a new activity to provide new quests as we have mentioned above, the only basis for recording your game progress, where you'll encounter two new World Bosses to defeat, Grand Empress Shek'zara, and Vuk'laz the Earthbreaker.

In World of Warcraft Classic, there are 71 Mounts, consisting of: 34 Alliance Mounts and 27 Horde Mounts. WOW Classic Mounts take roles of transportation, which can increase your movement speed by a certain amount and are used for traveling around most zones. World of Warcraft Classic Mounts can have either Rare or Epic qualities, which have different movement speeds, are usable at different levels.To get more news about buy classic wow gold, you can visit lootwowgold official website.

First of all, there is the easiest way for you to get mounts; you can get them by purchasing. Here, you can find all kinds of unarmored epic mounts, including Black Ram, Frost Ram, Icy Blue Mechanostrider Mod A, White Stallion Bridle, Reins of the Frostsaber and so on. What’s more, we offer the cheapest price, safe & fast delivery and 100% safe insurance. Buy Cheap WOW Classic Mounts now, and enjoy the lowest price ever. Secondly, there are four classes in the game that can acquire special mounts and abilities linked to their own class through lore: death knights, druids, paladins, and warlocks.

The original quests to gain the paladin charger, warlock dreadsteed, and druid's swift flight form are all still in-game and reward feats of strength if they are completed. Thirdly, each race has a type of ground mount just for them, which are available in a variety of colors and styles. But if you want a different race's mount, be aware that you can buy mounts of other races in your faction once you've hit exalted with that race. (Note: Since all mounts are account-wide, if you want another race's mount, you may find it easier to roll an alt of that race and level them to 20 to pick up the mount you're after. But Alliance still can't get Horde mounts and vice versa.) In Classic, obtaining your mount at level 40 and when you reach (or hopefully soon after) level 60 is a huge landmark for your character.

After obtaining your level 40 mount, you will be able to move from place to place more quickly, shortening your leveling time. Obtaining your epic level 60 mount will allow you to arrive on time to raids with the rest of the group, and you will be much more likely to be accepted into PvP pre-made groups. Depending on the competitiveness and timeline of the server, an epic mount can be a requirement for this. In addition to these benefits, a mount, especially an epic mount, is a huge status symbol in the game.

DRAG Max is an epoch-making dual-battery device with a magnetic atomizer. Maximum 177W power output provided by GENE.TT chip. The fusion of leather and metal gives it a unique elegance. DRAG Max will be the ultimate solution for performance and ease-to-use. Its features are as follows.To get more news about voopoo drag max, you can visit urvapin official website.

DRAG Max is powered by two external 18650 batteries to provide long standby energy. The upgraded 5V/2A Type-C fast charge can increase the charging speed by 50%. Four top UI design masters have designed two different styles UI themes, for 1.08' TFT color screens, which are practical and beautiful.

The newly upgraded GENE.FAN 2.0 chip has stronger explosive power, more stable output and richer intelligent functions than the previous generation. We believe that DRAG MAX will bring you a great vape experience again.

What is the best vape pen? That’s a good question! We understand how difficult the choice can be with all the options. Good news is, we have tried and tested over 100 vape pens so we have a good idea what the best performers are..To get more news about Best Vape Kits, you can visit univapo official website.

You may have seen this type of kit referred to as a stick pen and in certain circumstances vaporizers. Although the latter are generally capable of using more than just e-liquid. 1. SMOKO Vape Starter Kit (Editors Choice – Best For Beginners) smoko - best vape pen for prefilled cartridges The Smoko Vape starter kit is undoubtedly the easiest vape for new vapers to get to grips with. Why is that? Well this device comes with pre-filled cartridges. So no messing about choosing and filling with e-liquid, no mess. We weren’t actually expecting much from this kit when it came in for review with it appearing, on the surface, to be too basic. How wrong were we!

2. ePuffer Titan X (Best Quality) ePuffer Titan X - For beginnersThe ePuffer Titan X is for vapers that want a device that is built to last. The stainless steel construction gives it an expensive feel without feeling too heavy. Like many devices the Titan X offers both Mouth to Lung (MTL) and Direct to Lung (DTL) coils. Where this devices excels though is with it’s mouth to lung coil. The flavour is superb and the throat hit and draw it provides replicates a cigarette well.

3. Apollo OHM Go Starter Kit (Reviewers Favourite) Apollo Ohm Go - Best OverallAs stick pens go, the Apollo Ohm Go starter kit is one of the most popular for new vapers. The kit combines ease of use and performance to make it a perfect for first time vapers. Not to mention it looks fantastic too! The OHM Go vape gives you a 1900 mAh battery and a tank that is supplied with 0.5Ohm and 1.0Ohm coils. If you are new to vaping the two supplied coils allow you to experience both sub ohm vaping (direct to lung) and mouth to lung vaping. The latter of which is similar to how most smoke a cigarette.

4. Freemax Twister (Best Sub Ohm Vape Pen for Clouds) freemax twister best vape pen for cloudsWhen it comes to sub ohm vape pens there is one clear winner for us, the Freemax Twister. Featuring the Fireluke 2 sub ohm tank, one of the best for flavour and a device that will keep the cloud chaser happy. The Twister blows many others out of the water with its performance. The Twister has adjustable wattage by way of a dial on the base of the battery and can offer a massive 80W output. The 2300mAh internal battery offers good life, as long as you aren’t chain vaping at max wattage and last but not least the quality is top notch. One for vaping enthusiasts.

Snowwolf is going all-in with the recent integrated battery mod trend, and after the success that was the Zephyr kit, one would forgive Snowwolf for a mild letdown. But that’s not their style. Even though the 2,500mAh KFENG kit is aimed more to beginners and entry-level vapers, SnowWolf didn’t spare any attention to detail here.To get more news about UA25 SUB OHM TANK, you can visit univapo official website.

The new Snowwolf KFENG Starter Kit implements a decent sized integrated 2,500mAh battery. In addition, an advanced IFV80 Smart Chipset. The Snowwolf MARK Sub-Ohm Tank completes the starter kit. Together creating a heavy hitting vaping starter kit that is perfect for beginner or advanced users. Crafted from durable zinc-alloy chassis, the Snowwolf KFENG Kit is compact and handheld for an ergonomic grip. Still, it retains the signature 3D raised wolf logo. A 3D raised logo that some like and others despise. Firing at speeds as fast as 0.008s thanks to the IFV80 Chipset.

The KFENG Box Mod is also capable of outputting up to 80W. For those that might want to use it’s Temp Control abilities, it can be used in combination with the comprehensive TC suite. It allows advanced users to select and restrict output levels to their ideal preference. Featuring a threaded 510 connection fastening the included Snowwolf Mark Sub-Ohm Tank, the Mark Tank can hold up to 3mL of e-juice with the bubble glass expansion but holds the traditional 2mL within the standard straight glass. Within the stainless-steel tank, Snowwolf introduces the Mark-X mesh coil, facilitating dense clouds of flavorful vapor. Refills are accommodated via a sliding top fill system, while airflow is adjusted via a dual slotted bottom airflow control ring, metering the amount of airflow rushing through the epicenter of the coil configuration.

These cross-style, tube/box devices seem to be growing in popularity lately, but the best way to describe the KFENG mod is like a stouter, weightier version of the iJOY Katana. It may be shorter and girthier, but by and large, the look and feel are the same, right down to the button layout and display. But we should say that the KFENG is far more professionally finished than the Katana, with more aesthetic flair and attention to detail. Though the Katana was no slouch, subtle additions like the faded pattern graphic go a long way toward making the KFENG stand out from the pack.

This is a cracking looking vape kit to say the least – loving that simple yet stylish design.To get more news about Vape Starter Kit, you can visit univapo official website.

Made from tough but lightweight aluminum alloy, the Univapo engineers have really taken their time over this one – and it shows. A very ergonomic design for sure, but there’s also a few curious features too. Univapo has included the smart ‘Functions All in One Button‘ as well as an advanced rotating top filling system – that’s also childproof.

Add to that the engineers have carried out 10,000 juice tests to check the flavour shines through, and you can see why this will be a much sought after vape kit. OK, this is a pre-order deal ONLY available this weekend: September 19th and 20th. To get the 60% OFF Unix kit vape deal you’ll need to use the code: ECIG60 to get the discount and it’s also FREE Shipping – bonus!

Data from the 2019 Monitoring the Future Survey of eighth, 10th and 12th graders show alarmingly high rates of e-cigarette use compared to just a year ago, with rates doubling in the past two years. University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, scientists who coordinate and evaluate the survey released the data early to The New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) to notify public health officials working to reduce vaping by teens. The survey is funded by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), part of the National Institutes of Health.To get more news about wholesale vape pens, you can visit univapo official website.

The new data show a significant increase in past month vaping of nicotine in each of the three grade levels since 2018. In 2019, the prevalence of past month nicotine vaping was more than 1 in 4 students in 12th grade; 1 in 5 in 10th grade, and 1 in 11 in eighth grade*. "With 25% of 12th graders, 20% of 10th graders and 9% of eighth-graders now vaping nicotine within the past month, the use of these devices has become a public health crisis," said NIDA Director Dr. Nora D. Volkow.

"These products introduce the highly addictive chemical nicotine to these young people and their developing brains, and I fear we are only beginning to learn the possible health risks and outcomes for youth." "Parents with school-aged children should begin paying close attention to these devices, which can look like simple flash drives, and frequently come in flavors that are appealing to youth," said University of Michigan lead researcher Dr. Richard Miech. "National leaders can assist parents by stepping up and implementing policies and programs to prevent use of these products by teens."

The US Dollar Index bounced up by around 1% after releasing the minute of Federal Reserve Board on 19 Aug, breaking the record high since this March. The minute shows that the board tends to adopt more dovish approach in monetary policy. Yet, Why did the US Dollar Index make such a big bounce-up, driving those non-US dollar or even precious metal down?To get more news about WikiFX, you can visit wikifx official website.
  According to the minute of Federal Reserve Board, some of the committee members of FOMC agreed to adopt the further easing monetary policy to cope with the negative impact bought by COVID-19; however, traders were disappointed and started to have short covering of USD immediately, driving USD rise a lot.
I believe traders have already predicted and short USD ahead of releasing of minutes; and, they short cover the USD afterwards. It perfectly demonstrates the famous Wall Street‘s buying strategy – “Buy on rumor, sell on fact”. Meantime, the minute also reflects that the officers of the Board won’t set the upper limit or target return for US bonds to secure the position of USD. It drives those “extreme” dovish party disappointed and shows Federal Reserve Board has no further measures on easing monetary policy. Thats why some may interpret as the start of hawk signal instead of dove.

imageThis image has been resized to fit in the page. Click to enlarge.
  I agree the Federal Reserve Board intends to adopt more dovish approach to pave the way for adopting further easing monetary policy in future. Since the minute keeps on telling negative towards economy, it drove both DJ index and Nasdaq index drop simultaneously after hitting the record high. With the divergence works between USD and stock; USD index, therefore, increases drastically after releasing of minutes.
  Many has talked about the huge short covering of USD, which showed the signal of bouncing up after touching the bottom. Whilst some said this is merely a technical adjustment and will have further drop afterwards. I do think the probability of both scenarios are equal; yet I realize USD dose not have much room for further drop, expecting a strong supporting level around 91.90. Two focusing events may affect the trend of USD - i/ the economic platforms of democratic party proposed by US president candidates Joe Biden and Kamala Devi Harris; ii/ the announcement of Jackson Hole in the Central Bank annual meeting and the market expectation - the new and innovative strategy of easing monetary policy by Powell, the chairman of Federal Reserve Board. If it turns negative and has no new ideas, USD index will be expected to boost up again.
  Technically, USD has a strong resistance level at around 94, with 3 times strong selling signal recently, making USD index hard to have another breakthrough. It is estimated to be positive if USD index breaks the 94 level and takes this as the USD reference point.
France introduced new measures to fight the rapid resurgence of the coronavirus pandemic in major cities, adding to risks weighing on an already slowing economic recovery in Europe.To get more news about WikiFX, you can visit wikifx official website.
  The first significant tightening of restrictions on French daily life since the end of the lockdown in May includes closing bars at 10 p.m. in Paris and several other large urban centers. The tougher restrictions follow similar moves in the U.K., while Austria banned apres-ski partying for the upcoming winter season, as Europe reemerges at a hot spot for the disease.
  “If we don‘t take measures rapidly, we risk being in a critical situation in some regions in a few weeks,” Health Minister Olivier Veran said in Paris late Wednesday, insisting that the government isn’t considering another nationwide lockdown.
  France is the latest European country to change tack in the face of mounting infection rates as they try to avoid the widespread restrictions that tipped the continent into a deep recession earlier this year. U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson this week abandoned his appeal for Britons to return to offices as he warned of “many more deaths” unless people obey a raft of new restrictions.
The British government is due to set out a fresh round of policies to support jobs on Thursday after abandoning plans for a fall budget. A government official said Wednesday that now is not the right time to outline long-term strategy, a sign the Treasury is preparing for months of economic disruption.

imageThis image has been resized to fit in the page. Click to enlarge.
  Read more: Lockdown Lite Is Europes New Strategy for Fighting Covid-19
  Austria sought to save its ski season by imposing a ban on partying off the slopes after lax controls at the Ischgl resort this spring sparked lawsuits against Chancellor Sebastian Kurzs government. Restaurants and bars will only be allowed to serve seated customers under the new rules.
  “Hundreds of thousands of jobs directly or indirectly depend on tourism,” Kurz said. “For all fans of winter sport, one thing is clear: there will be fun on the slopes, but without apres ski.”
  Read more: Europes Economic Revival Put on Hold by Virus Resurgence
  There are signs the prospect of harsher curbs has already hit confidence in France, which improved less than expected in September. While business leaders are more upbeat about recent activity, they are losing optimism about the outlook for their own companies and the entire services sector, national statistics agency Insee said.
  “Today‘s measures are an extra shock to confidence as it reminds consumers that it isn’t over,” said Julien Manceaux, an economist at ING. While some sectors could be hit, “its not a general shock.”
Chinese consumers are finally starting to spend again after the pandemic-induced slump, but the recovery is unbalanced and overly reliant on luxury goods, with poorer Chinese still cautious.To get more news about WikiFX, you can visit wikifx official website.
  Consumption has started to catch up to the much stronger rebound in industrial output, with retail sales growing in August for the first time this year. Spending on luxury goods, cars and electronics is leading the charge, rising faster than food, clothing and other essentials.Source: National Bureau of Statistics, China Passenger Car Association, Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau of Macau SAR.
  Note: All data shows % change from previous year*Feb. values show combined Jan.-Feb. data.
While the supply side of Chinas economy has shown resilience, a strong and broad rebound in spending is needed for a more meaningful economic recovery. Even though the virus is under control, income and job losses due to the pandemic have made poorer Chinese unwilling or unable to increase spending, keeping a lid on the rebound.
  “Higher-income households have probably built up savings, because of the forced reduction in consumption during lockdown, and could now be ready for a spending spree. It is lower-income households that face a longer slog of normalizing their finances,” He Wei, an analyst at Gavekal Dragonomics, said in a recent report.

imageThis image has been resized to fit in the page. Click to enlarge.
  What Bloombergs Economists Say...
  “Consumer confidence appears to be coming back even without a vaccine. This is reflected in strong pickups in sales of non-essentials, such as cosmetics and jewelry, in recent months. Improved sentiment and spending at home in lieu of overseas trips should help support private consumption.”  Luxury spending in China will grow 20%-30% this year, according to a report from Boston Consulting Group, but much of that growth is going to come from consumers in the 50 largest and richest cities. People in the other 2,206 cities bought only a quarter of all luxury goods in April-July this year, and their spending was down 4% compared with 2019, according to the report.
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