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7Search PPC Gambling Ads Vs. Propeller Gambling Ads: What Are the Differences


7Search PPC and Propeller ads both are advertising platforms. They both are well-known for their gambling ads. Many gambling and casinoowners choose these platforms to promote their business/site effectively. In further lines, we will discuss the differences between the gambling ads of these platforms. To dive into the depth of the topic, continue reading this blog. 

7Search PPC gambling ads vs. Propeller gambling adsAd formats

7Search PPCgenerally uses various ad formats to promote gambling ads, such as text, banner, social bar, native, video, popunders, and video ads. This platform mainly caters to the gambling industry and provides these ad formats to suit various marketing objectives and reach a broader audience.

On the other hand, Propellerads offer interstitial push notifications, in-page push, and popunder ads to promote gambling ads. By using these ad formats, you may easily diversify your promotional tactic and reach potential buyers across various platforms and channels.

Both platforms provide effective ad formats for the gambling industry. You can choose any of them as a gambling ad network. It's crucial to consider your target market, advertising motives, and the platforms' policies and guidelines when choosing the ad formats for your gambling ads. 

Targeting options

Although both platforms provide targeting options, the depth and specificity of these options might differ. With 7Search, PPC advertisers may target geographic locations and particular keywords. 

Propelleradsis also well-known for its targeting options for gambling ads, such as GEO, demographics, device types, interests, user activity, connection types, and more. 

You can focus your advertising efforts on the most pertinent and receptive audience by using targeting options (of both platforms) wisely. They increase your chances of generating qualified conversions and leads for your gambling ads.

Pricing models 

7Search PPC generally works on PPC models, which means you only have to pay when someone clicks on your ad. With this model of 7Search PPC, you can save money. 

Propellerads commonly work on the CPV (cost-per-view) and CPM (cost-per-mile) model, which means you pay for every thousand impressions or views your gambling adsobtain instead of paying for every click. 

Analytics and Reporting

For tracking campaign results, 7Search PPCoffers simple reporting and analytics tools. Gambling advertisers may monitor clicks, impressions, conversions, and other essential metrics to assess the effectiveness of their ad campaigns. 

On the other hand,Propellerads provides advertisers with insights into the effectiveness of their campaigns through its comprehensive reporting and analytics tools. To make their campaigns more effective, advertisers may monitor impressions, revenue, clicks, conversions, and other pertinent metrics.

Network reach

7Search PPC is a worldwide gambling advertising networkthat works with a higher number of advertisers and publishers. They provide ad placements across many sites, mobile devices, apps, and other digital platforms. 

On the other hand, Propellerads also has a global ad networkthat works with a large number of affiliates and publishers. On numerous websites, mobile apps, and other digital platforms, they provide ad spaces. The reach of Adsterra is extensive and includes a wide range of verticals, including gambling. 

Their gambling ad network has a wide range of publishers and websites, which enables advertising to reach more people.

Final Takeaway

7Search PPC and Propellerads both can help you to promote your gambling adswith their multiple ad formats, pricing models, traffic quality, and more. To find out more about thesegambling ad networks, you can check out their websites.