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Mutual fund distributors thrive on investments but they often face a severe challenge. We know the struggle is real when it comes to attracting fresh investors into the world of mutual funds. It's a tough nut to crack. Let's understand the challenge here. 

Savings: The Common Choice

The majority of Indians are savers who prefer keeping their hard-earned money in traditional savings accounts. While offering security, these accounts often offer minimum returns that hardly keep pace with inflation. This preference for the familiar savings account over potentially better investment opportunities has left MFDs looking for a solution to access this vast majority of potential investors. But what if we told you there's an alternative so irresistible that everyone wants it? 

The Power of Liquid Funds

Wealth Elite, the leading mutual fund software in India, with its powerful feature Online ATM offers investments in liquid funds as a solution for MFDs. This bridges the gap between the attraction of savings accounts and the potential of liquid funds. People who just start earning don't have enough to invest, and they aren't left with options other than savings A/c. With Online ATM, MFDs can present an exciting opportunity to new investors: park idle money in liquid funds and redeem it instantly.

Double the Returns, Instant Gratification

The concept is simple yet attractive. Investors can park their idle money in liquid funds through Online ATM, which, as the name suggests, operates just like an ATM - quick and hassle-free. Liquid funds, while offering safety and liquidity similar to savings accounts, come with the bonus of returns that are nearly double what traditional savings accounts offer.

Potential investors that they can enjoy the safety and liquidity of a savings account while earning returns that truly make their money work for them. It's an offer that's really hard to resist.

The Benefits of MFDs

Get New Clients in the Mutual Funds Industry

By offering this unique feature, MFDs can attract potential investors who are hesitant to enter the mutual fund market due to perceived risks.

Combine Liquidity and FD-like Returns

Liquid funds strike the perfect balance between liquidity and returns, making them an attractive option for a wide range of investors. This in turn keeps clients engaged.

Recommend Better Funds

MFDs can use their expertise and recommendations to guide investors who keep their money invested for a longer run towards better funds, further enhancing their trust in your services.

Turn New Investors into Long-Term Clients

As clients see their idle money grow, they're more likely to stay committed to mutual fund investments and MFDs gain clients for the longer run.

Opportunity to Grow AUM 

As MFDs attract new investors, recommend better funds, and turn them into long-term clients, their Asset Under Management gets set for significant growth, also boosting their credibility in the industry.

Negotiate with AMCs

With a growing client base for liquid funds, MFDs can negotiate better terms with Asset Management Companies, potentially increasing their earnings.


Unique challenges bring unique opportunities. Wealth Elite provides the ideal solution to attract new investors with the promise of low risk, high liquidity, and returns that surpass savings accounts with Online ATM.

So, if you're an MFD looking to engage new investors, it's time to explore the potential of Online ATM and grow your business.


Mutual fund distributors (MFDs) play an important role in helping investors make informed decisions and achieve their financial goals. However, the task of managing multiple portfolios, tedious paperwork, keeping up with regulatory changes, and ensuring seamless client interactions can be quite daunting. This is where a comprehensive mutual fund distribution software steps in to make life easier for MFDs.

The Need for a Mutual Fund Distribution Software

MFDs are the bridge between investors and mutual fund products. They analyze market trends, recommend suitable funds, and provide personalized investment strategies. However, they require the best mutual fund distribution software as the traditional process involves numerous complexities that can hinder their efficiency and productivity. A few of these difficulties include:

  • Portfolio Management: MFDs manage a wide range of portfolios. Tracking and handling these portfolios manually can be error-prone and time-consuming.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Non-compliance leads to serious results for both MFDs and their clients.
  • Client Interaction: Effective communication with clients is the base for building trust and cultivating long-term relationships. MFDs require a streamlined platform to interact with clients, provide regular insights, and address all concerns promptly.
  • Efficient Operations: With an increase in transactions, MFDs require software that reduces errors, and boosts efficiency.
How Does a Mutual Fund Distribution Software Help?

Mutual Fund Distribution software brings endless benefits to MFDs thereby simplifying processes. A few of these include:

  • Accuracy: Software greatly lowers human mistakes and ensures accurate calculations.
  • Accessibility: Real-time access to data, and related information eases decision-making.
  • Cost-effective: It lowers the cost of printing, keeping, and maintaining a lot of paper.
  • Analytics: The software offers data-driven insights for better investment strategies.
  • Environmental Friendly: The software reduces paper consumption and contributes to a more sustainable approach.
Wealth Elite: Your All-in-One Solution

When it comes to choosing the best software for mutual fund distributors in India, Wealth Elite by REDVision Technologies stands out. It is designed with meticulous attention ensuring seamless operations in mutual fund distribution with the following features:

White Labelling & Client-Centric Approach

With its advanced white labeling feature, MFDs can customize the platform with their branding, reinforcing their identity in the market. This client-centric approach enhances credibility and builds stronger relationships with investors.

Simplified KYC Process

The software's video KYC feature simplifies the onboarding process, making it convenient for both MFDs and investors. Meeting regulatory requirements is now hassle-free, saving valuable time and effort.

Seamless Transactions with Online ATM

Wealth Elite introduces the concept of an "Online ATM" for mutual fund transactions. MFDs can facilitate investments and withdrawals effortlessly, providing clients with real-time convenience and flexibility.

Real-Time Portfolio Management

Live MF portfolio tracking empowers MFDs with real-time insights into client investments. This feature enables better decision-making, personalized advice, and timely rebalancing for optimal returns.

Accurate Valuation and Rebalancing

Calculating profit and loss valuation is easy with Wealth Elite. MFDs can ensure accurate tracking of investment performance and swiftly adjust portfolios to align with changing market dynamics, enhancing client satisfaction.

Empowering Clients with Transparency

Wealth Elite's client login feature grants investors direct access to their portfolios, fostering transparency and trust. Clients can monitor their investments, track performance, and stay informed about market developments with the Wealth Elite App available on both Android and iOS.


In the competitive landscape of mutual fund distribution, Wealth Elite emerges as the top choice for MFDs in India. It empowers MFDs to thrive in the digital era while providing unparalleled value to their clients.

Your journey to mutual fund distribution excellence starts here, with REDVision Technologies.