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The Cenforce D blue pill that made it a little easier to get an erection in the bedroom is getting generic. Pfizer, the maker of Viagra, will sell its cheaper drug direct to patients on its website as early as 2017.

The drug has been a boon to men who are struggling with their sex life. But now that it is more accessible, some men may be using it recreationally - without a prescription.

Thats according to a new study. It claims that men who take the drug to help them with their sex life are likely doing so for other reasons, too.

One of those other reasons could be that the drug improves blood flow to a man’s penis. That’s because the drug is also an anti-hypertensive.

It’s also been found to increase the amount of testosterone produced in the body. That can lead to a more masculine body and a better erection.

But there are other things a man can do to improve his sexual health, including eating right and exercising. These tips can go a long way toward helping a man get the most out of his sex life, and preventing erectile dysfunction.