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Here are some common tactics of scammers that you should be aware of.

One is to promise unusually large profits with little or no financial risk, so claims of huge earnings on your investments should be a red flag.

Scammers will also likely create false urgencies and pressure their victims to “recover their losses,” basically by investing again.

Another trick is making it impossible for traders to withdraw their funds after an investment. It is also a common trick to have platforms conveniently malfunctioning in such cases.

Before investing money in a particular broker, be sure to read the reviews on the Global Fraud Protection website, this will help you avoid losing funds. Global Fraud Protection team of experts exposed more than 500 fraudulent brokers, and they helped more than ~ 2000 deceived traders to return their funds, to someone all the money, to someone partially

Deciding what to include in your direct expenses varies from one type of business to another.  As a general rule of thumb, if you can’t directly associate a specific cost with the sale of a single product, then that cost should not be a direct expenses. 

It can be incredibly easy to confuse operating expenses with direct expenses. Both are expenses incurred from the operation of your business, but operating expenses are not directly tied to production. To give you an idea, some common operating expenses include:



Office supplies

Legal costs

Sales and marketing