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Vaccine advocates are selling severe COVID sickness prevention. But is there another, very one-of-a-kind prevention approach? There is. As specified in my recent e-book Pandemic Blunder (to be had on Amazon), there are mountains of strong clinical information showing that some of cheap, secure, validated and effective drugs, vitamins and dietary supplements have been used worldwide to prevent COVID whilst the protocols are used very early. In some of international locations where they had been extensively used COVID hospitalizations and loss of life quotes are markedly lower than within the US and different nations that have blocked their use. Overall, they have got prevented 70 to 80 percentage of COVID deaths. The chief requirement is that they are used within days of getting signs or a effective take a look at. Just as important, huge quantities of facts show that those medical answers additionally act as prophylactics, meaning prevention, to maintain people wholesome when they have now not been infected with the aid of the virus. In different words, human beings have a proper to pick out among COVID vaccines and the multitude of protocols which have been categorised as additives for early domestic COVID treatment. This desire is all the extra relevant whilst one recognizes that a giant variety of people do now not want a vaccine to get COVID immunity.