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Hope this practice tests helps you prepare for the AI- 102 instrument test.

 The Practice Test covers all test motifs

 • Plan and manage an Azure Cognitive Services result( 15- 20)

 • Implement Computer Vision results( 20- 25)

 • apply natural language processing results( 20- 25)

 • apply knowledge mining results( 15- 20)

 • apply conversational AI results( 15- 20)

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 Why is Microsoft Azure the stylish instrument?

 The job request and openings for Microsoft Azure pukka professionals have multiplied in recent times. With adding demand in the pall calculating sphere, Azure instrument remains the most popular and extensively chosen instrument course. Then is why

 According to reports, around 1,000 new guests subscribe up for Azure daily, meaning that each time more AI-102 Exam Dumps than 365,000 new companies borrow Azure.

 Azure is the fastest growing enterprise pall platform powered by leading IT companies around the world.

Further than 57 of Fortune 500 companies use Microsoft Azure.

Thanks to Azure, Microsoft's marketable pall profit increased at an periodic run rate of$6.3 billion.

 In the US, indeed the government and its mates use Microsoft Azure Government to transfigure their critical workloads into a secure and biddable pall terrain.

 21 of repliers said they entered a job offer or creation by participating their Microsoft digital emblem with a unborn employer.

 41 of repliers said they entered positive feedback from their professional network after participating digital colophons.


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