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The makers of Fildena is claiming that this product can increase penis size and thickness by aiding in the enhancement of testosterone. 

According to reviews, there is little or no effect observed with continued use over several months. You can useFildena 150 mg (sildenafil citrate) once or twice a day, just like Viagra.


Sildenafil citrate is an enzyme-based phosphodiesterase (PDA), which is an active ingredient present in Fildena 150 tablet that works to increase blood flow in the penis by relaxing the erectile muscle in penile tissue by increasing its capacity. 


It also increases blood flow to the spongy tissue present in the penis, which is known to have a role in maintaining an erection.

In addition, when a man gets older, his ability to maintain an erection may become weaker due to reduced blood supply, resulting in softer erections and lesser sensations. 


Hence, increased blood flow will help you achieve better sexual feelings and improve your performance and endurance for a long time. However, these effects do not last very long and your body may get accustomed to it after a while.


If you want to experience a safe yet effective treatment for erectile dysfunction without experiencing side effects, then try using Fildena. This is the safest herbal penis enlargement pill on the market today.


Before taking this medication, ensure that you consult your doctor about your health condition. You should also inform your doctor if you are on any other medications or other drugs that may interact with Fildena. 


Also, be sure to tell your doctor if you have diabetes, hypertension, or high blood pressure. Some people may experience allergic reactions when taking prescription drugs that contain different ingredients.


According to medical experts, Fildena 150 may take up to 30 minutes to show its effect. To know the exact effect of the supplement, you must take one pill three times a day. Take one in the evening or at night. 


Although this pill can work well when taken alone, it is best to take it with a meal. Taking it with a full meal can increase its absorption rate and speed up the effect of the supplement.


It is very important to follow your doctor's exact instructions when taking Fildena pills. Consult your doctor before taking this supplement since some pills are more potent than others. 


Your doctor will be able to identify the potency of the pill and advise you whether you need a higher dose or not. Do not take Fildena unless your doctor tells you that it is appropriate for you to do so since high doses may lead to unpleasant side effects like nausea and drowsiness.