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All of the 27 decks of Lost Ark provide very useful bonuses and stats, and are great in

their own right however, some of  Lost Ark Gold these sets are better than the rest.

Below are the three most effective decks from Lost Ark.

Forest of Giants

This Card Set works perfectly for PvE support builds , and for all kinds of builds in GvG.

It reduces the amount of potions you'll need during raids, which can allow you to save


This will also help to counteract the Cursed Doll engraving effect, which reduces healing

by 25%. This can increase your chance of survival in the game by considerable amount.

This Card Set contains three cards:

Card Set Bonuses

Three Sets Bonuses: The effect of recovery items is enhanced by 15 percent.

Bonus 3 set (9 Awakening): Physical and Magic Defenses are raised by 10 10%.

3 . Set bonus (15 Awakening): Both Magical and Physical defenses get up by 20%.

Card Locations

Caspiel can be acquired as a reward after completing 50 secret dungeons within Tortoyk or

as an RNG drop via Caspiel (Field Boss) in Tortoyk.

Mokamoka You can get it through the collection of 350 Mokoko seeds. It can also be

purchased at a Wandering Merchant in Tortoyk.

Tir: Can be obtained by completing Tortoyk (Adventurer's Tome). It is also possible to

obtain by obtaining the RNG drop from Protector Peros the boss of Tortoyk's Heart Dungeon.

We'll Reunite Again

This is a fantastic Card Set for PvE and GvG play. It's perfect for Berserkers using this

card set. Mayhem engraving.

What's Boss Rush in Lost Ark

As the title suggests, Boss Rush is challenging content where you have to beat bosses that

appear one after the other in stages under a time limit. Boss Rush can be played Boss Rush

in Lost Ark by yourself or in groups of up to 4 players max.

When you enter Boss Rush mode and leave the area of battle waiting it is impossible to

change your Skills, Battle Items or Equipment so make sure to fully set up before

beginning. Potions aren't allowed either However, if one party player dies, you may revive

them after waiting for just a few minutes.

When you've completed an entire stage, prior to moving onto the next, you may stop the

exercise by clicking the UI on the top left side of the screen.

Additionally, there are three distinct Boss Rush modes you can select from: Corridor of

Silence, Corridor of Trials, and Corridor of the Sun. The ticket is required to play a

particular Boss Rush.Your Domination stat is the amount of damage you inflict on opponents

who're disabled or impaired. This includes enemies Staggered (stunned) or pushed (moved)

or are pushed.


Your Swiftness stat determines how quick you are during combat. This stat enhances your

move speed and attack speed, as well as reducing your class skill cooldowns.


A Endurance stat is essential to your health and defense and is a crucial fighting stat in

tank players to prioritize. Endurance boosts your physical and magical defense, and the

efficiency of shields and healing.


The Expertise stat significantly alters how the effects of Debuffs impact you and your

enemies. Expertise can increase the duration of Debuffs when they are cast on enemies and

boosts the damage caused by Stagger effects. It also decreases the duration of Debuffs

when they are placed on you.


The Specialization stat is unique to your class. Every ability, class skill forms, or

distinct types of damage are improved by putting points into Specialization. For example,

The Specialization point for Paladin sub-class boost the effectiveness of Holy Aura, the

rate you can boost your Piety meter and the damage that comes from Awakening. Refer to

your Specialization section of your Character Profile to see how it Cheap Lost Ark Gold impacts your specific