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An essay is a short essay where the author speculates on a certain topic. The important moment is not a retelling, a story, but an expression of your writemyessays.com reviews

How to write an English language essay correctly worries many high school students, students, and those who encounter English as an occupation in their adult life. There are rules that allow you to write an essay stylistically, spelling-wise, and spelling-wise.


Preparation time is strictly individual. Onem requires a few minutes to cfop poa lize the mcflys, choose an idea, start writing. Other people need twenty-four hours to weigh the pros and cons, to think about a certain topic, to find what they want to express.

It is true that, when memorizing a foreign word or learning the meaning of a topic, they occur more often. This is explained by the fact that a person tunes in to a certain wave, stops to receive a certain type of information. This rule also works when writing essays and books. 

How the basic information is gathered, you need to write it down on a book (in English for those who still have a poor command of the English language). 

Make a plan, indicating: 
  • questions; 

  • A plan for presenting the information; 

  • introductions, conclusions;

  • Interesting technical facts. 

Any plan is an individual matter. Writing neobhodimo, written down on the paper will remain, while bright and well memorized thought, easily forgotten. 

The main aspects of the preliminary preparation for writing an essay: 

  • gather information about the subject (it is useful to read relevant literature, talk to people); 

  • collect facts (as a rule, a text that has figures, percentages, and illustrations of people's stories is more interesting to read and evokes more emotion); 

  • draw up an outline on paper or in a text editor on your computer. 

The plan of the essay can change, it should not remain a pepvonochna ochalnym. In the process of direct writing, you will all receive information, and, who knows, there may be interesting questions and stories for readers.