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We have rigorously managed production and built scientific testing and sorting procedures for the plywood manufacturing line. We run the facility in accordance with ISO9001, and all production processes are monitored in accordance with CE and FSC standards.

Are you undecided on the hue or core to use? Would you want to order birch wood plywood samples before placing your order? You’ve come to the correct place…

Options for Wood Core Plywood cores are made of wood fibres and resins that are pressed together to form a sturdy and long-lasting core. This core is then covered with a thin veneer to create a beautiful surface.

Plywood is an ideal choice for furniture construction since it is exceptionally strong, resilient, and lightweight.

Plywood is extremely resistant to dampness, making it ideal for outdoor furniture. It is also warp and crack resistant, lightweight, and easy to transport and install, making it an excellent choice for do-it-yourself applications. It can be cut, drilled, and polished to create flawless furniture such as tables, chairs, shelves, cabinets, and so on, and it can be used for a long time.

By choosing the appropriate thicknesses, you may make the end product much easier to put together and potentially save some future hassles. Nobody loves discovering midway through a project that the plywood board they purchased is too thin and will not hold its form, or when they purchase a large quantity of plywood panels only to discover they are too thick and will not fit!

Our extensive wood sheet cutting service offers birch plywood cut to size.

Our standard size is 4’x8′,4’x9′,however, our custom service means we can produce any thickness, length, colour or finish of your choice

Whichever choice you select, both provide an appealing, long-lasting, and cost-effective alternative to more expensive wood goods.

Foresmate constantly focus on color innovation and technical improvement, aiming to provide plywood with high quality boards, low cost, safe glue formaldehyde-free, higher precision size and thickness, and longer service life customize services according to your needs.

About Foresmate

Foresmate was established in 1970,we always focus on Birch plywood,Full birch plywood,White birch plywood,Film faced plywood,Laser & CNC sheet,Prefinished Birch plywood,Marine plywood,Commercial plywood.We are an comprehensive group company with R&D, design, production, sales and integrating whole services which owned 35 subsidiaries& 1,300 warehouse distribution service outlets. As an global corporation with a wide reach, we will keep effort to be a quality-first&well reputation & environmentally friendly wide-range materials company serving the world.

Cherry veneer is a warm pinkish to red toned wood that matures to a lovely reddish brown colour. Cherry is a hardwood that is both easy to work with and durable. It has a satiny feel with a tight uniform grain and a common grain feature of modest figure or flashing.
bintangor veneer is 1220x2440mm size, thickness is from 2mm to 30mm. They are devided into AA, AB, BC grade, mix hard wood in core, MR glue. Moisture ≤ 16%
Beech veneer ranges in colour from pale pink to a creamy reddish light brown. This veneer is also known as steamed beech veneer or European beech veneer. It has a robust, smooth texture and a tight, consistent grain. Beech has tiny silvery pith rays that give it a slightly shiny lust
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