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Rising above Disabilities: writing about disabilities in admission essays

Listing all the best qualities in writing sample college admission essays are usually what applicants do to impress and win over college admissions people. However, most sample college admission essays come across as boastful or rather redundant of the biographical information that are included in the applications. What would impress the admissions board are sample college admission essays that not only harp on the academic or athletic achievements, but also about topics that center on successes that are on a more personal level. Disabilities are one of the topics that can be used in writing sample college admission essays, but not for the purpose of eliciting pity from the readers. Triumphing despite having certain disabilities are impressive and can show glimpses of a person’s true character in the face of adversity.

How to incorporate personal disabilities in sample college admission essays

Physical Disabilities

People with physical disabilities can write help with history that tell how they deal with certain situations that although may be perfunctory or easy for some people, are great challenges for them to conquer. Applicants who were born not only with physical disabilities, but also a desire to achieve in academics despite of their situation can write sample college admission essays about their successes in overcoming personal trials.

For those who have had developmental or acquired disabilities, write your sample college admission essays on the differences you’ve experienced between life before and after acquiring the disability. Some disabilities may have resulted from debilitative diseases such as AIDS, a sickness that unfortunately has put social stigmas on those that possess them. In composing sample college admission essays around this topic, mention how despite having a sickness and social pressure has strengthened your resolve to succeed.  These personal triumphs of a person over a physical handicap can show how much determination he can have for success not only in academics, but also in life.

Learning and Cognitive Disabilities

Disabilities don’t only come in physical forms, but other aspects as well. Learning or cognitive disabilities such as dyslexia may present ordeals for some people but this should not stop them from achieving what they want to achieve. Write sample college admission essays on successes and details that although may not be about having garnered scholastic achievements, say volumes about your desire to learn and succeed. Mention how support from family and friends have given you the drive to rise above the challenges.

Sometimes not everything you put in sample college admission essays give you credit for the stellar prowess you have in being a perfect being. Write sample college admission essays that bank not on your limited physical or learning abilities but rather how you overcame challenges that these have posed to you.

Writing about disabilities in your sample college admission essays should not be geared towards begging for the sympathy of the admissions panel, but should rather show them how you are a strong and capable person despite of it all.