Players believe that New World's economy is in crisis and Amazon denies from Millsonadam's blog

The New World economy seems to be entering a crisis in the descriptions of some players and game blogs. You can see this in some doomsday blogs and complaints from New World players about the game. According to the description of the blog post, the economy in the game is falling into a vicious circle, and the culprit is the currency crisis. To put it simply, the economic activities in the game cannot remain stable because the output of New World Coins as the main currency is not enough to Buy New World Coins support the daily consumption of players. The consequence of this situation is that the value of coins is getting higher and higher, and the items that players spend a lot of time making become worthless. Bartering has become an inevitable choice for players.

Because New World has set up a large number of servers in different regions of the world, and the economy of each server runs independently, we cannot say that the situation described in the article will happen on all New World servers. For those players who encounter this situation, their motivation to upgrade their trade skill levels is disappearing, because they cannot earn more New World Coins by making items. They are just wasting time making things that can't be sold at all. On the other hand, the soaring value of New World Coins will lead to a substantial increase in the fixed costs of players in their daily adventures, because the cost of repairing the gear and the transaction tax will not be reduced due to the increase in the value of the coin. So players need developers to provide a way to adjust the cost of these fixed expenditures to make them more acceptable.

However, Amazon denies this claim, and they believe that the in-game economy does not require the intervention of developers. The development team of New World published an official post in the game community in which they stated that the economy in the game is still at an acceptable level. They also believe that some reports describe false situations, because according to official statistics, the number of New World Coins produced by all servers every day is much higher than the consumption. Of course, as more and more players approach the level cap, this gap will continue to narrow. But there is obviously no need to take direct action on this at this time.

The developer stated in the article that two upcoming adjustments can indirectly solve economic problems. First of all, a bug of Azoth Staff will be completely repaired, which means that players will receive more coin rewards after completing high level corrupted breaches. In addition, with the return of Outpost Rush PvP mode, players who have reached level 60 and lack quests will get a new source of New World Coins income.

Bad news is that just a couple hours after the post on New World's economy went up, Outpost Rush was closed again, as developers want to work on it. Its ongoing absence could be having an outsized impact on the game as a whole: This Reddit post on the issue of deflation says Outpost Rush rewards players with 250-350 gold per game, which cumulatively is a major contributor of currency.
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