According to reliable sources, New World will provide mounts utill few years from Millsonadam's blog

Many New World MMO players are looking forward to adding a mount system to the game, but this expectation may only happen after developers make major changes to the game. The person who made this prediction is a Twitch anchor-Michael 'shroud' Grzesiek. He believes that players may not see the mount in the game until a few years later.

Because developers strongly oppose the mount system, New World is very different from Final Fantasy XIV Online and World of Warcraft. Players must rely on walking or settlement teleportation to reach various locations on the map. The explanation given by game director Scot Lane is that the map size in New World is not large enough for them to enable the mount function. But he also assured players that there will be mounts in future games, as long as the mounts can bring real benefits and fun to players.

But Shroud believes that this situation will not happen in a short time, because he believes that the addition of a game-changing gameplay must be part of the dramatic change in the game. More importantly, when designing the world in the game, the developers considered the movement methods such as hiking and teleportation, so he firmly believes that players will have to wait for several years to see the mount. He used the expansion of World of Warcraft to illustrate this point: World of Warcraft added flying mounts during the expansion of Burning Crusade, for which the developers developed a new area called Outland.

"They might [add mounts] eventually when they change the game a lot," he said. "You know how every MMO goes through that phase where it drastically changes the way it’s played? It happens every time."

Many MMOs finally become other things completely, which are very different from the way the game was used at the beginning, and often experienced several huge reforms in the middle. Shroud believes that Amazon New World will eventually produce such a change, but it may take a few years. Before that time finally comes, most players may have quit the game.

Although players are concerned about many other problems in the game, the lack of mounts in the game has always been one of the New World Coins hot topics in the game community.
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Many players quit the game because of the errors and loopholes in the game. Shroud has encountered many similar problems, although these problems have not been completely resolved, but he still decided to continue playing.

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