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If you are looking for some great tips on druid tanking Wrath of the Lich King, you have come to the right place. This article will help you get the most out of the game and have a more enjoyable experience. Berserk If you're looking for a great main tank, the Feral Tank Druid is your best bet. These are strong tanks, with great survivability and a large health pool. They are also very versatile. You can take Cat Form and even Dire Bear Form to augment your DPS. It's important to note that while a Druid tank is ... more
Agepertur Dec 29 '22 · Tags: gold, wotlk, buy wow
How to Farm Gold in World of Warcraft? If you are preparing for Wrath Classic, there are some things you must do before the event. First of all, you need to farm gold. Fortunately, the MmoGah guide will help you farm gold for the Wrath Classic. You'll be able to find the easiest methods for this task. Leveling a Protection Paladin Leveling a Protection Paladin in WoW Classic Gold is a relatively easy process. The key is to keep your rotation consistent, and use the auto attack and Judgment ability when they're off-cooldown. In... more
Suindhon Oct 12 '22 · Tags: classic, wotlk, buygold