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Companies know the benefits of freelance engagement. By having more flexibility, it means work can be done outside of a strict schedule. In turn, projects are completed in less time and for less money.  But, individuals see the benefits as well. They can look for freelance jobs from home and work whenever they want. This flexibility allows them to work when they’re most productive.  As a consequence, this fuels the benefits for businesses! You get access to workers who are in their productive environment. Plus, they’re de... more
ravitejafe Sep 27 '23 · Tags: telecom
Introduction to Chatbot APIDefinition of a Chatbot APIThe world of artificial intelligence and conversational agents has witnessed remarkable advancements in recent years, leading to the rise of chatbots. A chatbot, short for chat robot, refers to a computer program designed to simulate human-like conversations with users through text or voice interactions. However, the true power and versatility of chatbots are unlocked when they are integrated with a specialized application programming interface (API) known as a Chatbot API. In si... more
TLS, introduced in 1999, is a cryptographic protocol that secured the Internet first. It enables messages through a secure network and is usually used for email, VoIP, etc.TLS ensures information security and protection between two applications. It runs in the Application Layer and contains the TLS Record and TLS Handshake conventions.Most popular free-to-use online email services do not encrypt messages sent over the Internet, and hackers can easily intercept these messages and access private information. Email encryption utilizes p... more
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 It increases productivity: You can spend less time worrying about whether your confidential information has been compromised and more time working productively.  It improves business relationships: If your company shares sensitive information with its partners, competitors, or suppliers, it must ensure that that information remains secure.  It improves the quality of life: It is easier to deal with financial problems if you know your personal information is protected. More info: What is Onsite IT Support?
ravitejafe Jun 22 '23 · Tags: network, telecom
“This network clearly demonstrates why TIP OpenWiFi is the most innovative connectivity solution on the market today–it’s open, with multiple vendors supplying hardware, so it can be scaled to provide superb speeds without vendor lock-in. Plus, funding the network through advertising makes community connectivity widely available, and as OpenWiFi already offers a much lower TCO, it’s a very effective way to build affordable Wi-Fi networks in city centers,” said Jack Raynor, TIP OpenWiFi Program Group Co-chair. “Simply put, OpenWiFi is... more
ravitejafe Jun 12 '23 · Tags: telecom