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After World of Warcraft Classic released the Burning Crusade expansion, the level cap of the character was increased to 70. Several months have passed since the release of TBC Classic, and most players have reached level 70. In fact, for players who focus on endgame content, level 70 is just the beginning. If you want to play this game seriously, please do at least the following three things.

1. Fly in the sky
So the vital thing you should do the moment you hit 70 is go to Shadowmoon Valley and have your WOW TBC Gold flying mount. Flying is essential in Outland as well as on besides getting you point A to point out B faster, it will likewise unlock more content to suit your needs.
But really flying needs to be your first investment in the experience. Keep in mind that the bottom flying skill will simply allow you to go with a 60% speed, and that is slower than your ground mount. So it is far better to use your ground mount if there is no obstacles en route for example. Then there's the epic flying mount which goes in a whapping speed of 280% but that could cost you an extra 5000 gold, so which will be more of any long term goal for almost all players and likely not really a dream it is possible to realise now.

2. Complete Karazhan Attunement ASAP
The next thing you must do if you haven't already is to find started on your Karazhan attunement questline, this starts outside Karazhan in Deadwind Pass in Azeroth as well as have you do a lot of things around the globe, so you'd preferable to get began on it right away in case you incidentally carry out the dungeons essential for it.
Karazhan would be the first raid of TBC and likely website you'll be doing, so getting began the attunement straight away is important. So pick-up the quests outside Karazhan and merely follow the quest chain until you're inspired to do Escape from Durnhold Keep, from there you are able to move on to things or you may also Buy WOW TBC Classic Gold get the main quest chain done now to have it out of the way.

3. Make your character powerful by pre bis items
The alternative we recommend you are doing is look into your pre raid best lawn mowers of slot gear list to your class and spec. And since how geared your character is dictates how fast you'll be able to do all of those other content that the sport has to offer, the quest rewards pre bis products are an easy way to secure a lot of power on your character effortlessly. Now a lots of these quests are not just a walk around the block however, a number of them require a 5 player team but there is however also a wide range of them which can be done in single.

If you want a rare loot but have never been able to get it, then spend some WOW TBC Gold to buy it from other players can save a lot of time. And you don't have to pay too expensive, because you can buy the cheapest TBC Classic Gold in MMOWTS. Gold from MMOWTS has been confirmed by global players, and is an absolutely safe product, you can buy it with confidence.

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