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In World of Warcraft TBC Classic, many players want to provide many attribute bonuses to weapons. To do this requires the help of Enchanting profession. The Blood Elves race newly added in WOW TBC Classic is very effective in training Enchanting skills, they can get +10 Enchanting skills from the beginning. This is due to their Arcane Affinity passive.

Max enchanting reached 375 in TBC Classic. Whether you are Alliance or Horde, you need to go to Outland first and use the enchanting trainer of their respective factions to improve the cap of enchanting skills. Otherwise, your cap will stay at 300 and cannot be improved by crafting WOW Classic TBC Gold items.

It is worth noting that you still need to enchant items directly. In other words, if you want to enchant other players' items, you must complete the whole process through the "Will Not Be Traded" tab in the trade window.
Not only that, TBC Classic provides three new profession items for all Enchanter. If you do not prepare the corresponding professional items in the inventory, your enchanting will not take effect.

How to use Enchanting Materials
If you want to enchant items in the 290-350 range, you need to use Runed Fel Iron Rod, which is an enchanted version of a Blacksmith's Fel Iron Rod.
If you want to enchant items above 350, you need to use Runed Adamantite Rod, which is an enchanted version of a Blacksmith's Adamantite Rod.
If you want to enchant items at 375, you need to use Runed Eternium Rod, which is an enchanted version of a Blacksmith's Eternium Rod.

If you want to obtain crafting material, you need to disassemble the gear, which is another ability that the Enchanting profession gives you. Depending on the rarity of the item, you will get different crafting materials.
Green Items - Items having a green rarity will forever drop 5 Arcane Dust, and a chance to get Lesser Planar Essence or Greater Planar Essence. Greens are extracted from most quest rewards, in addition to BoE's or Bind on Equip items found from random mob drops.
Blue Items - Items using a blue rarity will drop Small Prismatic Shards, and frequently Large Prismatic Shards. Blues are from more challenging quests, or after long quest chains. Blues are offered also from dungeon bosses, and also as a BoE from any random mob for anyone who is lucky.
Purple Items - While it isn't often you will end up disenchanting these, you is given a Void Crystal for disenchanting a purple. You will only be disenchanting purples appears to be item you obtain is better than the TBC Classic Gold raid items from raiding in Classic. Purples are simply in raids, at the conclusion of some dungeons, and if you're incredibly lucky - as being a BoE from mobs outside in the world.

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