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Climate change has been on the rise and has now become an important topic in our daily lives with a lot of real estate developers leaning towards sustainability, making their commercial and residential projects like theSaan Group Projectenergy efficient not just to keep up with the ongoing trend but also keeping in mind, the growing environmental concerns and important steps to be taken for incorporating eco-friendly habits. One of the main issues with the city as it continues to grow into urbanization, is its impact on the environment such as deforestation, environmental degradation, and high energy consumption. 

So while Gurgaon in recent years has continued to develop into a cosmopolitan hub and lucrative city for corporate establishments to settle their base here, it has come at a price of a lot of energy consumption and depletion of natural resources. Understanding the rising concerns, many housing projects likeSaan Verdante New Launchhave incorporated eco-friendly practices in their minor yet effective attempts to preserve the environment and slowly bring back sustainability in the city. Hence a lot of homeowners have witnessed a lot of housing projects implementing green building habits in their society. But it doesn't have to be restricted to that and residents too can play their part in conserving energy. Let's discuss how. 

1. Insulating your home

In growing times, it has become crucial for our homes to be isolated so we can conserve energy. Some simple steps can be taken like insulating floors, attic, and walls, it can prevent heat gain in the summer and heat loss during winter. So implementing this healthy practice reduces the reliance on excessive heating and cooling which leads to energy saving and enhanced comfort. 

2. Purchasing new energy-conscious appliances

As we relocate to our new homes like theSaan Verdante Sector 95 Gurgaon, we often look to buy new appliances, and gadgets for our homes. Like purchasing a new TV, Washing machine, AC, etc. So while purchasing new appliances, residents can opt to choose products based on a high star rating which is an indication of their energy-saving ranking. Selecting home equipment that conserves energy can be a great way to not just save energy, but also help with utility bills and play its part in making a more sustainable living and other environmental benefits. 

3. Install double-glazed window 

Double-glazed windows come with two-layer glasses with insulating layers of air or gas in between. So the implementation of this healthy practice helps in reducing heat transfer, keeping the home insulated, and lowering heating and cooling costs. 

4. Using energy-efficient lighting

Residents can consider switching to LED Bulbs which contribute to energy efficient lighting systems in homes. LED Bulbs are known to consume less energy as compared to conventional bulbs while also having a longer lifespan. So residents can attain a couple of benefits by opting for LED Bulbs as they not only conserve energy but also provide longevity so residents don't have to worry about fixing or replacing bulbs for a long period. 

5. Implementing smart energy management

Sometimes incorporating small equipment can go a long way in energy conservation. Using smart thermostats, power strips, and programmable timers for optimizing energy usage. These smart devices make it easier when it comes to monitoring energy usage which contributes significantly in reducing waste and energy costs. 


While real estate developers like Saan Group Project have been working hard to implement sustainable practices in their housing society like rainwater harvesting, and green landscapes to improve quality of life, residents can also take small steps to improve energy consumption which can make a big difference in overall sustainability. 

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By Saan Verdante
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