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While the growth of Gurgaon in its urban development is unparalleled, there has also been a sudden shift towards environmental concerns setting in towards the real estate market. There has been a huge surge in demand for implementing eco-friendly practices in commercial and real estate sectors like Saan Verdante Sector 95 Gurgaon. Environmental consciousness that has been set not just in Gurgaon but across the world, acts as a wake-up call. And understanding these major concerns, a lot of real estate organizations have taken up the mantle of implementing eco-friendly practices in their projects. 

In the last few years, slowly but Gurgaon has been experiencing a shift towards sustainability with more real estate development focusing on improving the green landscape in their projects like Saan Verdante New Launch, and this new change can also be observed among potential homeowners and investors as this positive and much-needed change in the real estate market has also become one of their priority list while looking for a new house. While Gurgaon has gained benefits from its urbanization and booming infrastructure, it has also ended up depleting the city from its resources and causing environmental degradation. So let us understand further how Gurgaon with the help of the real estate market is transitioning to a green revolution. 

Environmental impact on construction

As we know or is evident in the design of some buildings of housing society, it can be seen that the construction has consumed a lot of resources and often based on the location, caused environmental degradation. With the heavy usage of raw resources, they end up leaving heavy carbon footprints. While the construction method may not be entirely replaced overnight, there can be steps taken post-construction/development toward implementing sustainability. 

Implementing green practices

In the current timeline, one of the priorities of any homebuyers or investors is just how much residential projects are committed towards sustainability. From having a green landscape in society to incorporating practices like solar panels, green roofs, and using energy-efficient systems, is what individuals have started leaning towards. Housing projects like the Saan Group Project have already implemented some of these practices and working towards a greener environment with its green landscape surrounding its society. 

Importance of Green Building

While there is no denying the abundance of benefits that come with having green practices implemented in residential projects, there are also financial advantages that come in handy with green building. Using less energy consumption means lower utility bills which make investing in green projects, a lucrative option, and hence a lot of projects have been gravitating towards the same. 

Sustainability has gradually started being the center of attention worldwide. Influencers have been discussing relativity and just how important it is to protect the environment, especially in recent years as we fear global warming and a major shift toward climate change. So real estate establishments like Saan Verdante Sector 95 Gurgaon have been slowly taking minor steps towards transitioning themselves into green projects. Transitions like these will not just conserve the environment which can be instrumental in improving the quality of life but can also add to the aesthetic appeal of any project and improve the urban environment. 


Ever since environmental conscience has taken over and made everyone talk, major establishments in the country including the real estate segment have been working day and night on integrating green landscaping in many of their recent projects like Saan Verdante New Launch. With the growing discussion regarding the environment, there has been a massive surge in green buildings that has been growing rapidly. 

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