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Karma, once a revered leader and protector of Ionia, now walks the path of enlightenment and balance. She harnesses the power of her soul mantra to protect her homeland and bring harmony to the world. As a spiritual leader, Karma seeks to guide others towards peace and enlightenment, while wielding her formidable magic to defend those in need. When you embark on your journey, mmowow gold can lend a helping hand when you need help.

Champion Positioning:

Karma is a versatile mage who can be played in multiple roles, including mid-lane, support, and occasionally top-lane. She excels at providing utility and crowd control for her team while dealing significant damage with her abilities.

Skill Breakdown and Skill Order:

Passive: Gathering Fire: Karma's basic abilities reduce Mantra's cooldown when used on enemies. Upon reaching full stacks, Karma's next ability is empowered by her Mantra, enhancing its effects.

Q: Inner Flame (Mantra - Soulflare): Karma sends forth a burst of energy, damaging enemies in a line. When empowered by Mantra, the burst explodes upon impact, dealing additional damage and leaving behind an area that slows enemies.

W: Focused Resolve (Mantra - Renewal): Karma tethers herself to an enemy champion, dealing damage over time. If the tether is not broken, the enemy is rooted. When empowered by Mantra, Karma heals herself and nearby allies based on the damage dealt.

E: Inspire (Mantra - Defiance): Karma shields herself or an ally, granting them a burst of movement speed. When empowered by Mantra, the shield is stronger and grants the movement speed to nearby allies as well.

Ability Maxing Order:

Q - for poke damage and wave clear.
E - for increased shield strength and utility.
W - as it provides good utility but doesn't scale as well with levels.

Primary Tree: Sorcery

Keystone: Arcane Comet for additional poke damage.
Secondary: Manaflow Band, Transcendence, and Scorch for increased mana sustain, cooldown reduction, and extra damage.
Secondary Tree: Inspiration

Biscuit Delivery: Provides sustain in lane.
Cosmic Insight: Offers additional cooldown reduction for Karma's abilities.
Item Build:

Starting Items: Spellthief's Edge and Health Potions for support, or Doran's Ring and Health Potions for mid-lane.

Core Items:

Luden's Tempest: Provides ability power, mana, and increased burst damage.
Ionian Boots of Lucidity: For additional cooldown reduction.
Zhonya's Hourglass: Offers armor, ability power, and an activity that provides invulnerability, crucial for surviving team fights.
Situational Items:

Ardent Censer: If playing as a support, to enhance allies' attack speed and on-hit damage.
Abyssal Mask: Against heavy magic damage teams, provides magic resist and increases magic damage dealt.
Gameplay Tips:

Early Game: Focus on poking enemies with Q while using E to shield yourself and allies from incoming damage. Coordinate with your ADC to trade efficiently and maintain lane control.

Mid Game: Use your empowered Q and E to catch enemies out of position or protect your team during skirmishes and objectives. Karma's utility shines in mid-game fights, where she can turn the tide with well-timed shields and roots.

Late Game: Continue to provide utility for your team in team fights, shielding priority targets and using your empowered abilities to control the battlefield. Position yourself carefully and be ready to peel for your carries or engage on priority targets with your W root.


Standard Combo: Q to poke -> W to root -> E to shield -> empowered Q for burst damage.
All-in Combo: empowered W to root -> Q for damage -> E to shield allies.
Recommended Team Compositions:

Engage Composition: Karma works well in compositions with strong engage tools like Malphite or Amumu, providing additional crowd control and protection for her team's engagement.

Protect the Carry Composition: Pair Karma with hyper-carriers like Jinx or Kog'Maw, shielding them from harm and enhancing their damage output with Ardent Censer.

Poke Composition: Karma can also fit into poke compositions with champions like Ezreal or Jayce, providing additional poke and disengage with her Q and E abilities.

Against Ashe:

Early Game:
Against Ashe, Karma should focus on poking with her Q while avoiding Ashe's Volley. Use your empowered Q when Ashe goes for CS to punish her and zone her from the farm. Play defensively and use your shield to mitigate Ashe's poke and any incoming ganks.

Mid Game:
Ashe's utility starts to ramp up in the mid-game with her Enchanted Crystal Arrow. Warding becomes crucial to avoid getting caught out by her ultimate. Use Karma's poke and crowd control to pressure Ashe and her team during objectives like Dragon or Rift Herald.

Late Game:
In late-game team fights, Ashe's damage output becomes significant, especially with her slows and crowd control. Karma should position herself carefully, using her shields and crowd control to protect her team's carries from Ashe's engagement. Look for opportunities to catch Ashe out of position with Karma's empowered abilities.

General Strategies:
Karma's role in team fights against different champions can vary. Against engage-heavy champions like Malphite or Amumu, Karma should focus on peeling for her team and using her crowd control to disrupt their engagement. Against poke champions like Xerath or Lux, Karma should shield her team and look for engages to capitalize on their immobility.

Why Karma is Beginner-Friendly:

Versatility: Karma can be played in multiple roles and fits into various team compositions, making her a flexible pick for players still learning the game.

Utility: Her abilities provide shields, crowd control, and movement speed buffs, allowing players to have a significant impact on the game even with basic mechanics.

Satisfying Gameplay: Landing a perfectly timed empowered Q or shielding a teammate from lethal damage can be extremely satisfying, making Karma an enjoyable champion to play. However, when some players choose to further explore and become familiar with a certain hero, some players will choose a safe and reliable supplier of League of Legends accounts.

Playing Karma:

Early Game: Focus on poking with your Q and using your shield to protect yourself and your ADC. Coordinate with your ADC to poke and trade efficiently while maintaining lane control.

Mid Game: Use your empowered abilities to catch enemies out of position or protect your team during skirmishes and objectives. Look for opportunities to roam and provide support to other lanes.

Late Game: Position yourself carefully in team fights, using your shields and crowd control to protect your team's carries. Be ready to engage or disengage with your empowered abilities depending on the situation.

Strengths and Weaknesses:


Versatile role in multiple positions.
Strong utility with shields and crowd control.
Scales well into the late game with an impactful team fight presence.

Relatively low burst damage compared to other mages.
Mana-hungry early game if abilities are spammed excessively.
Vulnerable to hard engagement and crowd control if positioned poorly.
Karma is a great pick for beginner players due to her versatility, utility, and satisfying gameplay. By mastering her abilities and understanding her role in different team compositions, players can have a significant impact on the game and climb the ranks with ease. With practice and dedication, Karma can become a staple pick in any player's champion pool.

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