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Qiyana, Empress of the Elements, hails from the jungle empire of Ixaocan. As the daughter of the reigning empress, Qiyana was born with a strong sense of entitlement and ambition. She possesses the elemental magic of her homeland, which allows her to control the elements of water, earth, and air. When you embark on your journey, mmowow gold can lend a helping hand when you need help.

In League of Legends, Qiyana is a versatile assassin known for her ability to manipulate the terrain and swiftly dispatch enemies. Her mastery over the elements makes her a deadly force on the Rift.

Champion Positioning and Skills:

Qiyana is typically played as a mid-lane assassin, but she can also be effective in the jungle or top lane.

  • Passive: Royal Privilege - Qiyana's basic attacks and abilities mark enemies with Elementum for a few seconds. Her next basic attack against a marked target consumes the mark to deal bonus damage.

  • Q: Edge of Ixtal - Qiyana slashes the area in front of her, dealing damage to enemies. If she has an element active, the ability's effect is enhanced based on the element.

  • W: Terrashape - Qiyana selects an element (water, terrain, or brush) and gains bonus movement speed while in that terrain type. Additionally, her next basic attack deals bonus damage.

  • E: Audacity - Qiyana dashes a fixed distance towards a target enemy, dealing damage. If she has an element active, she gains a temporary attack speed boost.

  • R: Supreme Display of Talent - Qiyana creates a shockwave, knocking back enemies in a line and dealing damage. The shockwave's effect is enhanced based on the element Qiyana is near when casting the ability.

Gameplay and Skill Order:

In the planning phase, Qiyana's goal is to harass opponents with her Q while using her W to gain mobility and set up trades. Maxing Q first for damage, followed by E for mobility and additional damage, and taking points in W when possible is the standard skill order.

Runes and Itemization:

For runes, Electrocute or Dark Harvest are popular keystones for Qiyana, providing additional burst damage. Secondary options include Sudden Impact, Eyeball Collection, and Ravenous Hunter for sustainability.

For items, starting with Doran's Blade and building into lethality items like Eclipse, Youmuu's Ghostblade, and Edge of Night provides Qiyana with burst damage and mobility. Black Cleaver can be a good choice for extra survivability and armor shred against tanker opponents.

Early, Mid, and Late Game:

  • Early Game: Qiyana should focus on farming and trading efficiently with her opponents. She can use her mobility from W to roam and assist her teammates or set up kills in other lanes.

  • Mid Game: As Qiyana, look for opportunities to pick off isolated enemies or participate in skirmishes around objectives. Her ability to quickly burst down targets makes her deadly in small fights.

  • Late Game: In team fights, Qiyana should prioritize assassinating high-value targets like enemy carriers or squishy mages. Properly utilizing her ultimate to knock back and damage multiple enemies can turn the tide of team fights in her team's favor.

Combos and Tips:

  • Basic Combo: E (Audacity) -> Q (Edge of Ixtal) -> W (Terrashape for enhanced auto-attack) -> Auto-attack -> R (Supreme Display of Talent)

  • Advanced Combo: R (Supreme Display of Talent) -> Flash (if necessary) -> E (Audacity) -> Q (Edge of Ixtal) -> W (Terrashape for enhanced auto-attack) -> Auto-attack

  • Tip: Qiyana's ultimate can be cast near specific elements on the map (river, wall, brush) to enhance its effects. Use this to your advantage to maximize damage and crowd control.

Recommended Team Compositions:

  • Engage Composition: Qiyana can fit well into engaging compositions with champions like Malphite or Leona. Her ultimate can follow up on their engages, allowing for devastating AoE crowd control.

  • Pick Composition: Pair Qiyana with champions who can pick off enemies quickly, such as Thresh or Blitzcrank. Her burst damage and mobility make her an excellent pick for catching out opponents.

  • Split Push Composition: Qiyana can split push effectively thanks to her mobility and dueling potential. Pair her with champions like Fiora or Jax, who excel in 1v1 situations, to apply pressure in side lanes while the team groups elsewhere.

Qiyana's versatility burst damage, and map control make her a potent pick in League of Legends. With the right runes, items, and gameplay strategy, players can dominate the battlefield and carry their team to victory with the Empress of the Elements.

Matchup Against Sona:

Early Game:

Against Sona in the laning phase, Qiyana should aim to assert dominance early on. Sona is relatively weak in the early levels and relies on poking with her abilities. Qiyana should use her mobility to dodge Sona's skill shots while trading aggressively with her Q and empowered auto attacks. Qiyana's burst potential can punish Sona if she mispositions or overextends.

Mid Game:

As the game progresses into the mid-game, Qiyana should look to roam and impact other lanes. Sona's strength lies in her team-wide buffs and utility, so Qiyana should aim to shut down Sona's teammates or catch Sona herself in skirmishes. Qiyana's ability to quickly assassinate squishy targets makes her a threat to Sona and her allies.

Late Game:

In late-game team fights, Qiyana should prioritize eliminating Sona or other high-priority targets quickly. Sona's ultimate, Crescendo can turn team fights in her team's favor if landed correctly, so Qiyana should be prepared to dodge or counter it with her burst damage. Qiyana should also look for opportunities to catch Sona out of position and pick her off before she can use her utility to turn the fight.

Playing Against Different Team Compositions:

Against teams with strong engagement, Qiyana should position herself carefully and look for opportunities to assassinate key targets after the initial engagement. Against poke compositions, Qiyana should engage quickly and decisively to prevent the enemy team from poking down her teammates. Against split-push compositions, Qiyana can use her mobility to rotate and help her team deal with the split pusher while also looking for picks in other lanes.

Why Qiyana is a Beginner-Friendly and Popular Champion:

Qiyana's popularity among players stems from her straightforward mechanics and high burst damage potential. Her abilities are relatively easy to understand and execute, making her accessible to players of all skill levels. Additionally, her mobility and versatility allow for creative playmaking opportunities, which can be satisfying for players to pull off. However, when some players choose to further explore and become familiar with a certain hero, some players will choose a safe and reliable supplier of League of Legends accounts for sale.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Qiyana:


  • High burst damage potential.
  • Versatile playstyle with terrain manipulation.
  • Strong roaming potential.
  • Relatively easy to learn and play.


  • Squishy and vulnerable to crowd control.
  • Limited sustained damage in extended fights.
  • Requires good positioning and decision-making to maximize effectiveness.

Tips for Qiyana Players:

  • Use Qiyana's W to quickly move between different types of terrain and gain a positional advantage in fights.
  • Save Qiyana's ultimate for key moments in team fights, such as when multiple enemies are grouped or to disengage from a losing fight.
  • Pay attention to the terrain around you and use it to your advantage. For example, you can use walls to escape or to set up surprise engages.
  • Practice your combos in the practice tool or in normal games to improve your mechanics and execution.

In summary, Qiyana's versatility burst damage, and playmaking potential make her a strong pick in League of Legends. With the right strategy and execution, players can dominate the game and carry their team to victory with the Empress of the Elements.

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