I think this would be the very best appearance if OSRS images were upgraded. from Wuyahong's blog

From the OSRS Fire Cape and pathofexile subreddit that I common not every small question has asked in the megathread, some people today continue to create their own threads requesting them, and over the years I've barely ever seen anybody even mention, they simply reply it as usual. No need for every question although not everyone who has a question wants to make their own thread. It's the downvote problem, maybe they just think it doesn't justify you, not certain where most of them endure but I have read about a few reasons. My train of thought is that if a new participant sees a stickied megathread they feel welcome since there's a place made to do so to inquire stuff. I see it as the distinction between somebody inviting you versus welcoming you.

The worst time I have had playing with Runescape

Tried to perform a duo at corp for a couple hours last night and got our kill taken every moment. People will wait using a zest until corps stats empty to zero and then run in with two accounts, one with move and one just smacking it. We tried using the personal portal, but the 200k feels like a punishment for attempting to play Runescape legit as well as it slowed our kill time because we needed to wait for each other to enter in as to not lose the instance. I know this was a problem for a very long time, but if we don't keep reminding the Jmods that it is an issue nothing will ever get done. I hope this doesn't come off as whiny. It just felt seeing people despair for hours on end with no interruptions. Are being farmed by poisonous individuals that are too lazy to really put at job for a kill. This is definitely the most helpless I have ever believed playing with OSRS.

As somebody who's been crashed in a manner I've found a way to annoy the crashers is to use a tele-other spell on them. They have to have to be able to receive move that is spec gained on aid, so they can be interrupted by you together with the tele-other instant and potentially even have them killed if corp has not been deprived of accuracy. It is the unfortunate truth. If you're in a duo attempt to drain his stats only enough to ensure you and your friend can get away with a kill together. This way when some retard tries to crash you can step out of this room and theyll get completely stomped out by the corp monster even with his spec transfers.

If you get dropped by a team of two or more it is tough luck, but the beauty of the method that is above is your spec time cuts down to 1 second or less so you can hop and it is very little time lost. I've had some real great fun seeing crashers get lit the fuck up and have to tele out since they're bad at Runescape. Yeah, I suppose you're right. We could bring back a few kills from them, a number of them came in and spec moved me lol. This shit stinks but wtf would you anticipate jagex to do? Crashing is part of Runescape and honestly always was.

You talk about playing Runescape legit but drain corp's stats. Like I recall this boss being strong as shit. To being a chicken, now you pretty much drain him that on occasion will hit 40. Neither of you is doing corp as intended, what they do isn't against any rule and shouldn't be. That said contemplate against getting crashed working. In with arclight/darklight instead of bgs, do enjoy 200 dmg instead of 300 with all the bgs if ur duoing so that you spend less time lowering stats. Or get an alt to hold an instance open. You ai not getting ur paying 200k for the luxury of being impossible to crash, punished. Or ya know practice what you preach and perform corp"untrue", no drains will be gonna scare off most crashers cuz it's a waste of the time.While Runescape is greatly focused towards Buy OSRS Accounts, as it is the longer running, chief version of this game and this subreddit was founded 4 years until the launching of OSRS, content out of both games is welcome as they are both a part of their RuneScape community. Considering that 2007 Runescape is your subreddit for OSRS, it is linked in our header and header therefore that it will have some visibility here.

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