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A significant player in the Indian agricultural machinery sector, Indo Farm Tractorprovides a wide selection of tractors to meet different needs. These tractors offer a tempting mid-price alternative with a starting price of Rs. 3.90 lakh. They come in 2WD and 4WD variations and have 22 HP to 110 HP. The model 2050 DI, which marked the start of the brand's manufacturing prowess, was introduced in 2000. 

Notably, the sturdy 90 HP option priced at Rs. 12.60 lakh sticks out as the Indo Farm 4190 DI 4WD. Indo Farm, a Himachal Pradesh-based company with ISO certification, has grown its product line to include tractors, cranes, engines, and diesel generator sets. The Harvester mix Agricom 1070, intended for effective paddy harvesting, is their most recent foray into the agrarian world. With more than two decades in the business, Indo Farm is still known for its characteristic green colour, which represents its dedication to quality and innovation.

Popular Indo Farm Tractor Model

Indo Farm 3048 DI

The amazing features and specifications of the Indo Farm 3048 DI tractor improve its functionality and performance. It has a strong 400 mm ground clearance, making it capable of navigating a variety of terrains. Its eight forward and two backward gears provide it a wide range of operational versatility. The tractor's efficient operation guarantees effective activities. Its dependability is further increased by the superior cooling system, which guarantees peak engine performance. 

Notably, its gear-shifting effectiveness is improved by the continuous mesh transmission characteristic. It has a 2856 CC, 3-cylinder engine that generates a reliable 50 HP @ 2200 RPM. The responsive control is ensured by the oil-immersed brake system. Power steering is a feature that makes maneuvering simpler. The PTO power of 42.5 HP and PTO RPM of 540 contribute to its versatility in various tasks. The Indo Farm 3048 DI emerges as a capable and dependable choice for agricultural and allied tasks. The Indo Farm 3048 DI Price is between Rs. 7 Lac to 7.2 Lac.

Indo Farm 3055 DI

The Indo Farm 3055 DI tractor is a powerful and adaptable tool built to provide outstanding performance in a range of agricultural applications. With 8 forward and 2 backward gears, it provides flexible operational options appropriate for a range of jobs. The tractor's efficient water cooling system guarantees ideal engine temperature control, adding to its dependability and toughness. It strikes a balance between strength and maneuverability at a weight of 2270 KG. 

The dry-type air filter prolongs the life of the engine by preventing impurities, and the constant mesh transmission characteristic improves gear-shifting efficiency even more. It has a strong 3-cylinder 2856 CC engine that produces 55 HP @ 2200 RPM. With power steering and oil-immersed brakes, it guarantees precise control and ease of maneuvering. It is adaptable for a variety of power-dependent applications thanks to its PTO power of 42.5 HP and PTO RPM of 540. For agricultural operations, the Indo Farm 3055 DI stands out as a trustworthy and potent option. The cost of the Indo Farm 3055 DI tractor pricefrom 7.6 to 8.1 lac rupees.

ConclusionIn conclusion, Indo Farm Tractors stands as a reputable force in India's agricultural machinery sector, offering a versatile array of models to cater to diverse farming needs. From the efficient 3048 DI to the robust 3055 DI, these tractors exemplify innovation and reliability. With their range of implements, Indo Farm empowers farmers to optimize productivity across various tasks, fostering agricultural growth and sustainability. With competitive pricing, quality engineering, and a commitment to excellence, Indo Farm continues to drive progress in the farming landscape.

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