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The Mahindra 575 DI stands as an epitome of trust and reliability within the realm of Mahindra tractors. Renowned for its robust design and exceptional performance, the 575 DI has earned its status as the most trusted model in the Mahindra tractorlineup. With a legacy of dependability and a track record of serving diverse agricultural needs, this model has captured the hearts of farmers and enthusiasts alike. Its enduring reputation makes it a symbol of unwavering commitment to quality and efficiency, solidifying its position as an enduring favorite in the world of agricultural machinery.

About Mahindra 575 DI

The Mahindra 575DI stands as a remarkable embodiment of advanced features and powerful performance within the realm of agricultural machinery. Boasting an impressive 45 HP engine capacity, this tractor model proves to be a true workhorse capable of tackling a range of tasks with efficiency. With a versatile array of 8 forward and 2 reverse gears, it offers precision control and adaptability to various terrain and operational needs.

A standout feature of the Mahindra 575 DI is its excellent cooling system, ensuring optimal performance even during extended usage periods. Its 4-cylinder engine, coupled with 1600 hydraulics, contributes to its robust capabilities, while the 42.4 HP Max PTO (Power Take Off) further enhances its functionality. With a lifting capacity of 1600 Kg, this tractorproves itself adept at handling heavy loads, a vital trait for modern farming operations.

Weighing a total of 2030 Kg, the Mahindra 575 DI maintains a balance between sturdiness and agility. Its dimensions, including a total length of 3530 mm and a wheelbase of 1945 mm, provide a harmonious blend of size and maneuverability. The inclusion of power steering not only simplifies handling but also enhances operator comfort, contributing to more efficient and fatigue-free operations.

The Mahindra 575 DI doesn't just excel in features; it also boasts impressive specifications. Its 2730 CC engine, with a rated RPM of 1900, ensures consistent power delivery. The incorporation of oil-immersed brakes adds to the tractor's durability and safety aspects. Moreover, the 540 RPM PTO ensures seamless power transfer to connected implements, making the Mahindra 575 DI an ideal companion for various agricultural applications. The Tractor Priceof Mahindra 575 DI is between Rs. 6.21 Lac to 7 Lac.


In essence, the Mahindra 575 DI transcends its role as a mere tractor; it embodies a legacy of trust and innovation that resonates deeply with farmers and enthusiasts. Its exceptional performance, fortified by advanced features and robust specifications, cements its status as a dependable workhorse. The Mahindra 575 DI's enduring reputation is a testament to its unwavering commitment to quality, efficiency, and addressing diverse agricultural needs. As it continues to stand tall with its legacy, this model remains a symbol of Mahindra's dedication to empowering farming communities. With its impressive capabilities and enduring appeal, the Mahindra 575 DI reigns supreme as a cherished favorite in the world of agricultural machinery.

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