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In the Indian agricultural sector, the New Holland 3630TX PLUS tractor stands tall as a popular choice for farmers seeking efficiency and reliability. However, it does not stand alone in the market, as it faces stiff competition from other notable contenders. Swaraj 855 FE is another trusted name, known for its robust performance and versatility, while John Deere 5050 E boasts a reputation for its advanced features and cutting-edge technology. Additionally, the Mahindra Arjun NOVO 605-DI-PS offers a formidable challenge with its power-packed performance and modern design. These four tractors have become formidable competitors, each appealing to farmers with unique needs and preferences. As they vie for the top spot in the Indian tractor market, customers are presented with a diverse range of choices, ensuring that they find the perfect fit for their agricultural operations. In this article, we will see the New Holland 3630 TX Plus competitor's specifications and tractor price to compare.

New Holland 3630 TX PLUS 

The New Holland Tractor3630 TX Plus is a robust and reliable tractor designed to meet the diverse needs of Indian farmers. With a 55 HP engine and 2991 CC capacity, it efficiently handles agricultural tasks. Its 1500 kg lifting capacity allows for easy handling of heavy loads. The 8+2 gearbox ensures smooth gear shifts, enhancing control and productivity. 

Versatile in nature, it can perform over 35 different agricultural operations. Safety features include oil-immersed brakes and power steering. The tractor's 47 PTO HP makes it compatible with various PTO-driven implements, adding to its utility on the field. The tractor Price is between Rs. 8 Lac to 9.1 Lac.

Swaraj 855 FE 

The Swaraj 855 FE tractoris a powerful and versatile workhorse designed to meet the demands of Indian farmers. With a 52 HP engine and 3307 CC capacity, it delivers the necessary power for various farming tasks. Its 3 cylinders ensure smooth operation, enhancing reliability. Weighing 2020 kg, it strikes a balance between stability and maneuverability. 

Equipped with oil-immersed, dry disc brakes and optional power steering, it offers safety and convenience. The impressive 52 PTO HP allows compatibility with various PTO-driven implements. With a 60-liter fuel tank capacity, it ensures prolonged work hours without frequent refueling. The tractor Price is between Rs. 7.1 Lac to 7.4 Lac.

John Deere 5050 E

The John Deere 5050 E is a reliable 50 HP tractor designed to excel in tough agricultural conditions. It offers 9 forward and 3 reverse gears, ensuring versatility and ease of operation. With a 68-liter fuel tank capacity, it allows extended working hours without frequent refueling. The tractor's 1800 kg lifting hydraulic capacity enables efficient handling of heavy loads. 

Equipped with power steering and oil-immersed brakes, it provides effortless maneuverability and enhanced safety. Its 3-cylinder engine, rated at 2400 RPM, delivers reliable power and efficiency. With 42.5 PTO HP and 540 RPM PTO power, it efficiently drives various PTO-driven implements, boosting productivity on the field. The Tractor Priceis between Rs. 7 Lac to 7.3 Lac.


Mahindra Arjun NOVO 605-DI-PS

The Mahindra Arjun NOVO 605-DI-PS is a highly efficient and user-friendly tractor model, designed to deliver smooth and hassle-free operations. With 15 forward and 3 reverse gears, it offers versatility and ease of use, making it suitable for various agricultural tasks. Its 52 HP engine, with a capacity of 3531 CC and rated at 2100 RPM, provides reliable power for consistent performance on the field.

The tractor's 4 cylinders contribute to its efficiency and low maintenance requirements, ensuring prolonged durability. Equipped with power steering and oil disc brakes, it offers precise control and enhanced safety during operations. With a PTO power of 44.93 HP and 540 RPM, it can efficiently drive a variety of PTO-driven implements, further boosting its productivity and making it an excellent choice for farmers seeking a reliable and smooth-performing tractor. The tractor Price is between Rs. 8.5 Lac to 9 Lac.



In conclusion, the Indian tractor market offers a range of competitive options for farmers seeking efficient and reliable machines to enhance their agricultural operations. The New Holland  3630 TX Plus, Swaraj 855 FE, John Deere 5050 E, and Mahindra Arjun NOVO 605-DI-PS are formidable contenders, each boasting unique features and specifications catering to diverse needs. From power-packed performance to advanced technology and user-friendly designs, these tractors have become popular choices. As farmers explore these options, they have the opportunity to make informed decisions, ensuring they find the perfect fit to maximize productivity and success in their farming endeavors.

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