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Kubota is a well-known tractor manufacturer that creates dependable agricultural and building machinery. They have a long history dating back more than a century and are well known throughout the world for their exceptional quality and innovative technologies. With its corporate headquarters in Japan, Kubota has grown its customer base to include businesses and farmers all over the world.  


They continue to be outstanding in their dedication to sustainability and client happiness, making them a dependable option for both farmers and contractors. With a wide range of products, from compact tractors to strong utility vehicles, Kubota continues to empower people and businesses, advancing infrastructure growth and agriculture. In this article, we will explore the mini tractorof the Kubota i.e., Kubota A211N-OP Specifications, Features, and Price. 

Kubota A211N-OP Features 


The Kubota A211N-OP boasts several impressive features that make it a reliable and efficient tractor. It comes equipped with 9 forward gears and 3 reverse gears, providing versatility and ease of operation in various tasks. The mechanical steering ensures precise control, enhancing maneuverability on different terrains. The dry-type air filter feature aids in maintaining the engine's performance by efficiently filtering out dust and debris. With a weight of 630 Kg, the Kubota A211N-OP strikes a balance between stability and portability. These features collectively make it a powerful and practical choice for agricultural and light construction applications. 


Kubota A211N-OP Specifications 


The Kubota A211N-OP is a robust and versatile tractordesigned to tackle various agricultural tasks with ease. It falls under the 21 HP category, which means it packs enough power to handle a range of activities on the farm or job site. Its engine boasts an impressive capacity of 1001 CC, ensuring efficient performance and fuel economy during prolonged use. 


Operating at a rated RPM of 1800, the tractor's engine delivers a consistent and reliable power output, enabling smooth and steady operation. With three cylinders, the engine further enhances its performance and ensures a balanced distribution of power across the system. 


The Kubota A211N-OP comes equipped with an oil-immersed brake system, which not only provides excellent stopping power but also reduces wear and tear on the brakes, ensuring durability and longevity. 


For easy and precise maneuverability, the tractor features a mechanical steering system, allowing the operator to navigate through various terrains and tight spaces effortlessly. 


The Power Take-Off (PTO) power of 15.4 Hp enables the tractor to drive various PTO-driven implementsand attachments efficiently, expanding its functionality and making it suitable for a wide range of applications. 


The PTO RPM of 540 ensures compatibility with a variety of equipment, allowing seamless integration with various agricultural and construction implements. 


Overall, the Kubota A211N-OP combines power, efficiency, and versatility, making it an ideal choice for farmers and operators looking for a reliable and high-performing tractor to meet their agricultural and light construction needs. 

The Tractor Priceof Kubota A211N-OP is between Rs. 4.6 Lac to 5.6 Lac. 



In conclusion, the Kubota A211N-OP stands as a testament to Kubota's commitment to delivering top-notch agricultural machinery. With its impressive features such as 9 forward and 3 reverse gears, mechanical steering, and a dry-type air filter, the A211N-OP provides versatility, precision, and engine protection essential for efficient operation. Its 21 HP engine with 1001 CC capacity ensures reliable performance and fuel efficiency, while the oil-immersed brake system adds durability and safety. Farmers and contractors alike can use the tractor as a true workhorse due to its agility and compatibility with a variety of implements due to its 15.4 Hp PTO power and 540 RPM. Kubota's legacy of quality and innovation continues, empowering individuals and businesses worldwide, as they contribute to agricultural advancement and infrastructure growth. The Kubota Tractor A211N-OP remains an exceptional choice, representing reliability, efficiency, and power for any agricultural or light construction endeavor. 

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