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Overloaded team comps in Genshin Impact accounts aren’t traditionally used since they’re not reliable enough. One of the main explanations why it’s challenging to use teams that mainly pinpoint the Overladed reaction is the place enemies will scatter throughout the battlefield if it occurs.

Add compared to that how important it is to find a set of two Electro and Pyro users in Genshin Impact that can synergize and build this combo. This is not easy because good off-field Pyro users can easily be reduced to only Xiangling, literally.

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Raiden Shogun + Yelan + Xiangling + Bennett

The rational team can be a meta team in genshin impact accounts. With Raiden joining the National team, she's able to dish out many of the hardest damage within the span of her couple of seconds of Burst duration. When it comes to the thinking behind this team, it’s virtually chaos.

Raiden is capable of carrying the DPS while she battery and buff everyone’s Elemental Burst. Yelan can slightly buff Raiden when she’s within the field although Raiden can’t make the most of the buff Yelan grants. Finally, Bennett can be a great buffer that can take all their damage to the next stage, especially since Xiangling is competent to snapshot his buff.

Wanderer + Xingqiu + Fischl + Xiangling

There are numerous variations of team comps offering Xingqiu, Fischl, and Xiangling, but nothing comes close to including them in a team that has a driver like Wanderer. Xingqiu and Fischl may make the most of Wanderer's driving privileges their Elements into enemies and Swirl it to make a huge AoE of Electro and Hydro Elements jumping among enemies. Add to all of that the strong Elemental Burst Xiangling has each time Wanderer levitate, players are usually in for a treat.

It’s not simply satisfying to see Wanderer drive, Swirl, and manipulate these Elements to produce a literal storm, it carries a large amount of damage which can be effective in many Genshin Impact areas such as the Spiral Abyss.

Yoimiya + Zhongli + Xingqiu + Fischl

It’s an advantage to get Pyro characters to continuously trigger Vaporize reactions to be able to amplify their damage. But, to create things more spicy, players can also add a strong Electro unit to make a little bit of madness. Since Yoimiya is a Bow user in Genshin Impact, adding Fischl to her synergy with Xingqiu will result in enemies flying around in the event the Overloaded reaction is triggered.

With Vaporize, Electro-charged, and Overload, this team comp is capable of carrying players through hard content such as Spiral Abyss in Genshin Impact. To add to all of the goodness this team has, Zhongli will be capable of shielding Yoimiya and shredding enemies' potential to deal with all three core Elements accessible in this team comp.

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