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New Holland Agriculture is a renowned name in the agricultural machinery industry, offering a diverse range of tractors that excel in power, performance, and reliability. As agricultural practices continue to grow,New Holland Tractoris known for its commitment to delivering high-performance tractors that meet the different needs of farmers worldwide. With a wide range of models and advanced features, The New Holland tractor has become a symbol of dependability, efficiency, and innovation. 

 Overview of Excellence

New Holland tractors are renowned for their excellence in performance, reliability, and innovative features. The brand consistently incorporates cutting-edge technologies to enhance efficiency, productivity, and sustainability in farming operations. New Holland tractors offer advanced engine technology, precision farming capabilities, ergonomic designs, and compatibility with a wide range of implements.

The brand's commitment to customer satisfaction is evident through its extensive dealer network, which provides reliable after-sales support, maintenance services, and genuine spare parts. New Holland actively engages with farmers to gather feedback and continually improve their tractor models to meet evolving industry demands.

New Holland Tractor Features and Specifications 

  • Power Steering:Holland Tractor provides effortless manoeuvrability and reduces operator fatigue during long working hours.

  • Comfortable Operator Platform: Thistractoris ergonomically designed with adjustable seating, efficient climate control systems, and easy-to-use controls for enhanced operator comfort.

  • Advanced Transmission Systems: Options like Constant Mesh Transmission, Double Clutch, and Continuous Variable Transmission (CVT) offer smooth and precise control over speed and power delivery.

  • High-Power Engines: Ranging from 30 to 75 horsepower, depending on the model, they can handle a wide range of farming tasks with ease.

  • Versatility and Implement Compatibility: Designed to work seamlessly with various implements and attachments, it allows farmers to adapt their equipment to specific needs.

Popular Models of New Holland Tractor:

  • New Holland 3630:Due to its remarkable performance and versatility, this tractor model has gained popularity among Indian farmers. The  New Holland 3630comes equipped with advanced features like power steering, oil-immersed brakes, and adjustable deluxe seating, ensuring enhanced comfort and control for the operator. 


             New Holland 3630 Other Series:New Holland 3630 TX SPECIAL EDITION,  New 

             Holland  3630 TX PLUS+, New Holland 3630 TX SUPER

             New Holland 3630 price: Tractor price starts at Rs. 8 lakh to 9.1 lakh. 

             New Holland 3630 HP: 45 HP to 55 HP


  • New Holland 3600:The New Holland 3600 is a preferred choice for farmers in India. It offers a power range of 50 to 60 horsepower, making it suitable for various agricultural operations. This model features a robust design, efficient transmission options, a comfortable operator platform, and compatibility with a wide range of implements.

              New Holland 3600-2 price- It ranges from Rs.  7.5 Lakh - 8.1 Lakh


  • New Holland 3230:The New Holland 3230 series is another popular choice among Indian farmers. With a power range of 42 to 55 horsepower, it provides reliable performance for diverse farming tasks. This model incorporates features like power steering, adjustable seating, and efficient braking systems, ensuring optimal control and operator comfort.

            New Holland 3230 price:It ranges from Rs. 6.4 lakh to Rs. 7.1 lakh.

New Holland Tractor Price:

New Holland offers tractors across various price ranges to suit the requirements and budgets of different farmers. The tractor priceof a New Holland tractor depends on factors such as model, specifications, horsepower, and additional features. Generally, the  New Holland tractor price starts at Rs. 4.70 lakh.


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