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Tractors have become an integral part of Indian agriculture, empowering farmers to increase productivity and efficiency. With diverse agricultural practices and varied terrain across the country, different types of tractors have emerged to meet specific needs. In this article, we explore the various types of tractors in India, their functions, and uses, and tractor price in India, highlighting some prominent brands that offer these machines to Indian farmers.


Types of Tractors:

  • Utility Tractor:

Utility tractors are the workhorses of Indian agriculture, widely used for versatile tasks on farms of all sizes. With a horsepower range typically between 35 and 75, these tractors excel in plowing, tilling, seeding, and hauling operations. They are equipped with power take-off (PTO) systems, enabling the attachment of implements such as mowers, balers, and loaders. Prominent brands offering utility tractors in India include Mahindra Tractors, TAFE (Tractors and Farm Equipment Limited), Sonalika Tractor, and Escorts Tractor.


  • Sub-Compact Tractor:

Sub-compact tractors are smaller in size and horsepower, ranging from 15 to 30 horsepower. Sub-compact tractor also known as a small tractoror mini tractor. They are ideal for small-scale and horticultural farms where manoeuvrability and agility are crucial. These tractors are used for landscaping, mowing, trenching, and light-duty operations. Prominent brands in India offering sub-compact tractors include Kubota Tractor, Mahindra Tractors, and Sonalika Tractor.


  • Orchard Tractors:

Orchard tractors are designed specifically for farming in fruit orchards, where narrow passages between rows are common. These tractors have a low-profile design and narrow dimensions, allowing them to manoeuvre without damaging crops. They are equipped with specialised attachments for pruning, spraying, and harvesting in orchards. Brands such as Mahindra Tractors, New Holland Tractor, and John Deere Tractor offer orchard tractors suitable for Indian orchard farming.


  • Row Crop Tractors:

Row crop tractors are designed to work in row-crop farming systems, where crops are planted in uniformly spaced rows. These tractors have adjustable axles to match the row spacing and ensure precision operations. They excel in tasks like cultivating, fertilising, and spraying without damaging the crops. Popular brands offering row crop tractors in India include John Deere Tractor, Mahindra Tractors, and New Holland Tractor.

  • Four-Wheel Drive Tractors:

Four-wheel drive (4WD) tractors are designed to tackle challenging terrain conditions, providing enhanced traction and stability. They distribute power to all four wheels, making them suitable for uneven or hilly terrain. 4WD tractors are commonly used in regions with rugged landscapes or areas prone to heavy rainfall. Brands like Mahindra, John Deere Tractor, and New Holland Tractor offer 4WD tractors built for Indian farming conditions.


  • Two-wheel-drive tractor:

Two-wheel drive (2WD) tractors are a popular choice among farmers in India due to their affordability and suitability for certain farming applications.The cultivation of small fields or vegetable gardens is a perfect use for 2WD tractors.


Tractor Price:

Tractor pricein India vary depending on factors such as brand, model, features, and horsepower. In the Indian tractor market, prices can range from around INR 2 lakh to over INR 20 lakh. Smaller and less powerful tractors, such as sub-compact and utility tractors, generally have lower price tags, starting from around INR 2-4 lakh. On the other hand, larger and more advanced tractors, including those with higher horsepower and specialised functionalities, tend to be more expensive, with prices exceeding INR 10 lakh. It is important for farmers to assess their specific requirements and budget before making a purchase decision.



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