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The Eicher 333 is a tractor model made by Eicher Tractors, a division of one of India's biggest tractor manufacturers, TAFE Motors and Tractors Limited. A tough and strong tractor with many different commercial and agricultural uses is the Eicher 333.  Eicher tractors are known for their reliability, durability, and efficiency, which make them a popular choice for farmers in India and other countries.

Top features of Eicher 333

The Eicher 333is a powerful and reliable tractor which makes it the most popular tractor among farmers and other tractor operators. Here are the top features of Eicher 333:- 

  1. Powerful Engine: The Eicher 333 tractor is equipped with a 3-cylinder, 36-horsepower engine that delivers excellent power and torque.

  1. Gear Box: The Eicher 333 has 8 forward and 2 reverse gears. Which allows easy and smooth shifting between speeds.

  1. Mechanical steering: The Eicher 333 has Mechanical Steering which is known for its simplicity and reliability. Mechanical steering systems are typically less complex than other types of steering systems, such as hydraulic or electric systems, which means that they are generally easier to maintain and repair.

  1. Hydraulic System:  The Eicher 333 tractorhas a powerful hydraulic system with a lifting capacity of 1200 kg, making it ideal for a range of agricultural and commercial applications.

  1. Fuel tank: The Eicher 333 has 45 liters of fuel capacity which allow the tractor's machine to work efficiently.  

  1. Engine capacity: The Eicher 333 has a 2365cc engine capacity.

  1. Easy maintenance:The Eicher 333 tractor is made with a variety of serviceable parts that are simple to reach for regular maintenance. This makes it easier to maintain the tractor's good condition and long-term dependability.

  1. Tough design:The tractor is constructed with a durable chassis and body that allow for usage in a variety of demanding agricultural and commercial applications. The tractor is made to withstand difficult working conditions and deliver dependable performance on any surface.

  1. PTO Power: The Eicher 333 has 28.1 HP PTO power which allows Eicher 333 to operate heavy equipment with ease. Eicher 333 tractors can power a range of different types of equipment simultaneously. 

  1. PTO RPM: The Eicher 333 has 540 PTO RPM which gives a good power-to-efficiency ratio, making it appropriate for machinery that needs moderate to high levels of power to run.

The Eicher 333 is a reliable and efficient tractor with a range of impressive features that make it a popular choice among farmers. Its powerful engine, smooth transmission, and versatile PTO and hydraulics system make it suitable for a wide range of farming operations. Eicher 333 tractor pricecomes under 5 - 5.75 lakhswith 2 years/2000hr of warranty. This makes Eicher 333 a mid-range budget-friendly tractor.

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