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Agricultural implements are tools or pieces of equipment that farmers use to assist them in a variety of tasks, including planting, growing, and harvesting crops. Tractors, agricultural equipment, harrows, and other examples come to mind. The increased efficiencyand productivity of this equipment in agricultural activities have made it easier for farmers to grow and harvest crops on a vast scale.

Here are different types of Farm Implements

1. Plow:The most significant agricultural tool since the beginning of human society is the plow, also spelled plough. It is used to churn and break up the soil, and plant crop waste to help weed control.

Types of Plow 

  • Moldboard Plow 

  • Chisel Plow

  • Disk Plow

  • Reversible Plow 

  • Subsoiler Plow 

2. Sprayer:A sprayer is a device that applies liquid chemicals to plants in order to combat insects and illnesses. In addition, it can be used to spray weed killers and micronutrients to encourage plant development. A sprayer's primary purposes include. separating the chemical solution into tiny, useful droplets.

Types of Sprayers 

  • Hydraulic energy sprayer 

  • Gaseous energy sprayer 

  • Centrifugal energy sprayer 

  • Kinetic energy sprayer 

3. Harrow:a farming tool used to break up the ground before planting on land that has been turned over or plowed.

Types of Harrow 

  • Disc harrow

  • Spike tooth harrow 

  • Spring tooth harrow 

  • Rotary cross-harrow

  • Soil surgeon

  • Triangular harrow 

  • Acme harrow 

  • Blade harrow 

  • Reciprocating power harrow

4. Seeder:A seeding machine, also known as a seeder, is a piece of agricultural equipment that sows seeds for crops by depositing seeds at precise rates and depths into a straight furrow in the soil.

Types of Seeder

  • Belt seeder 

  • Vacuum Seeder 

  • Pneumatic Seeder 

  • Plate Seeder

  • Spoon Seeder 

5. Cultivator:An agricultural or gardening instrument called a cultivator is used to loosen the soil and get rid of weeds in rows where plants are or will be cultivated. It can also refer to someone who cultivates crops. 

Types of Cultivator

  • Spike-tooth cultivators 

  • Tine cultivators 

  • Hand cultivators

6. Baler:A baler, sometimes known as a hay baler, is a piece of farm equipment used to collect a crop that has been cut and raked (such as hay, cotton, flax straw, salt marsh hay, or silage) into small bales that are simple to handle, transport, and store.

Types of Baler 

  • Vertical Balers

  • Horizontal Balers

  • Single Ram Closed Door Balers

  • Multi-Material Closed Door Balers

  • Single Ram Auto Tie Balers

  • Two Ram Auto Tie Balers

7. Tiller:A tiller, often known as a till, is a steering lever. The mechanism is mostly used in boats where it is fastened to an outboard motor, rudder post, or stock to produce torque that the helmsman can utilize to turn the rudder.

Types Of Tiller

  • Front-tine

  • Rear-tine

In conclusion, agricultural implementsare essential to modern farming since they help to increase production and efficiency when doing various tasks including planting, cultivating, and harvesting crops. Plows, harrows, seeders, cultivators, sprayers, balers, and tillers are just six examples of the several farm equipment available to farmers to help them with their work. There are many other tools that they can use as well. Farmers may increase their yields and hence contribute to the world's food supply by using the right instruments for each operation.

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