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Solis Tractor is a well-known brand specializing in manufacturing and distributing tractors for agricultural, industrial, and commercial purposes. They are known to produce reliable and efficient tractors that satisfy the needs of farmers, contractors, and other customers that need adaptable machinery for a variety of tasks. The company is an important part of the Sonalika Group (International Tractors Ltd.). Dr. Mittal set the company's foundation in 1959. Later, in 2005, Solis formed a partnership with the Japanese company Yanmar. This partnership is highly popular now and has a special place in the Indian agricultural industry.

Solis tractors are known for their powerful engines, high performance capabilities, and durability. They offer a range of horsepower options, from compact tractors with lower horsepower for small farms or landscaping tasks to larger tractors with higher horsepower for more demanding agricultural or industrial applications.

Top Solis Tractor Model In India
  • Solis 5015 E : 

The Solis 5015 E tractor improves efficiency. The productivity is high. It has a longer working day. The Solis 5015 E is a model of agricultural equipment, specifically a compact tractor. It is designed for small to medium-sized farms and is manufactured by Solis, a global agricultural machinery company known for producing high-quality tractors and other farming equipment.

The Solis 5015 E features a 50 horsepower engine, making it suitable for a variety of tasks such as ploughing, tilling, mowing, and hauling. It comes with a 4-wheel drive system, which provides excellent traction and is useful for both field and orchard work because of its ability to work in various landscapes. The Solis Tractor 50 hp price starts from 8.75  lac.

  • Solis 4515 E 4 WD : 

 Solis 4515  E 4WD is a tractor model manufactured by Solis, a renowned agricultural machinery company. This tractor is equipped with four-wheel drive (4WD) capabilities, which provide improved traction and performance in challenging terrains and weather conditions. 

The Solis 4515 E 4WD tractor is designed for agricultural and rural applications, such as ploughing, tilling, planting, harvesting, and hauling tasks. It features a powerful engine, reliable transmission, and advanced technology for efficient and effective operation. The Solis Tractor 45  hp tractor price starts from 7.15  lac.

  • Solis 4215 E : 

The Solis 4215 E is a great tractor with amazing horsepower and a really attractive look. The Solis Tractor launches the efficient Solis 4215 E Tractor. The 4215 E is equipped with all the latest technology required for efficient operation on a farm. Here, we outline all the qualities, features, and reasonable prices of the Solis 4215 E Tractor. Look down here.      

    The tractor has a 43 HP engine. On the field, the Solis 4215 E engine's capacity provides effective mileage. One of the strong tractors is the Solis 4215 E, which has good fuel efficiency. The 4215 E Tractor has the capacity of delivering excellent performance on the field. The Solis 4215 E has exceptional power and is fuel-efficient. Solis 4215 E Tractor price is 7.15 to 7.55 lac

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