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Eicher tractors are a popular brand of agricultural machinery used for various farming operations. Eicher is a well-known manufacturer of tractors based in India, with a history that dates back to 1959. The company produces a wide range of tractors that are designed to meet the needs of farmers in different regions and with varying agricultural requirements.

The eicher tractor is known for its durability, reliability, and performance. They are equipped with advanced features and technologies that help farmers enhance their productivity and efficiency. Some of the common features of Eicher tractors include powerful engines, efficient transmission systems, comfortable operator cabins, and versatile implements that can be used for ploughing, tilling, seeding, harvesting, and other farming tasks.

One of the oldest brands in the industry and a well-known name in the agricultural industry is the Eicher range of tractors. The Eicher tractor brand is known for producing automobiles that are trustworthy, competent, and loaded with some of the best global technologies. The power output ranges from 18 to 55 horsepower in the tractors made by Eicher tractors.

Eicher Tractor Model list

  • Eicher 380 Super Di :- 

Eicher 380 Super Di is a tractor model manufactured by Eicher, a leading Indian tractor manufacturer. It is a powerful and reliable tractor that is commonly used for various agricultural and commercial applications. The "380" in the model name refers to its engine power output, which is typically around 38 horsepower (hp). 

The Eicher 380 Super Di comes with a range of features that make it suitable for different farming operations. It has a robust build quality and a durable chassis, which allows it to withstand the rigors of heavy-duty tasks.it is also equipped with a comfortable operator cabin that provides good visibility and ergonomics, making it easy for the operator to work for long hours without discomfort.

The Eicher 380 SUPER DI tractor price is approximately 5.30 Lac*/-INR.

Eicher 551: 

Eicher 551 is a model of a commercial vehicle produced by Eicher Motors Limited, an Indian automobile manufacturer. The Eicher 551 is a medium-duty truck designed for the transportation of goods and is commonly used for intra-city and inter-city transportation in India.

The Eicher 551 is equipped with features such as power steering, air brakes, comfortable seating for the driver, and a spacious cabin with modern amenities. It also has safety features such as a robust chassis, rearview mirrors, and fog lights to ensure safe driving. The engine is known for its fuel efficiency and low emissions.

The Eicher 551 tractor price is approximately 6.60 Lac*/-INR.

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