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The most effective and efficient tractor series is the John Deere E series tractor. This series was developed by the Deere & Deere brand with all the modern technology for improved field production. In this series of tractors, John Deere tractor handles every aspect and provides an extensive variety. The horsepower range for John Deere E Series tractors ranges from 50 HP to 75 HP. 

They are the most attractive and unique tractors, especially in relation to everyone. The pricing range for John Deere E Series tractors is between Rs. 12.60 lakh and Rs. 13.10 lakh. The company provides these excellent tractors in an attractive price range that every farmer can easily afford. Farmers can easily access heavy-duty tractors, 2-wheel-drive tractors, 4-wheel-drive tractors, and tractors with air conditioners.

 The top 6 John Deere E Series tractor models in India 

  • John Deere 5050 E:  The John Deere 5050 E is another popular tractor model in the E Series. It has a 3-cylinder engine that can produce a maximum power output of 50 HP. The tractor comes with an 8-forward and 2-reverse gearbox and has a lifting capacity of 1600 kg.

The John Deere 5050 E model is ideal for small to medium-sized farms For many Indian farmers, this tractor is the perfect option. It has a powerful lifting capacity that makes it simple to help improve practically any machine.

 The tractor has front and rear tyres size 6.00 x 16 and 7.50 x 16 and 14.9 x 28 and 16.9 x 28 accordingly. It is a two-wheel drive tractor. The tractor also has a loading weight, canopy, tow hook, drawbar, and waggon hitch as accessories.The John Deere 5050E Tractor Price is 7 Lakh to 7.03 Lakh

  • John Deere 3036 E :  manufactured for you is a John Deere 3036 E. With all the cutting-edge features of a heavy-duty tractor, this tractor serves multiple purposes. With its unique and powerful engine, tractors are able to work in fields while using less fuel.

 This 36 HP tractor has a 2800 RPM maximum speed. The tractor John Deere 3036 E is small. It includes HLD tyres. The tractor model 3036 E has an 8+8 Collar Reverser. It can go at a speed of up to 22.30 km/hr in both the forward and reverse directions.

This tractor's pricing range is standard for everyone. The Tractor price of a John Deere 3036E is about 8 lac.

  • John Deere 5075 E – 4WD :  The best tractor for that is the John Deere 5075 E - 4WD. This tractor will solve all of your farming issues. The excellent tractor has every useful and practical feature. By switching to a John Deere 5075 E tractor, every farmer can now achieve their dream.

The 5075 model is extremely helpful for the John Deere company. The gearbox on this tractor is mostly a 9 + 3 collar shift, but it also comes with such a 12 + 12 PowrReverser model (#5075). Compared to other models, this one is strong and powerful. 2000 kg can be lifted with difficulty by John Deere 7075.

John Deere 5075 tractor prices start at 12.53 Lac if it is something that interests you Visit


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