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Agricultural implements are tools and machinery that are used to perform various agricultural tasks such as planting, cultivation, harvesting, and transport of crops. These implementshave greatly increased the efficiency and productivity of agriculture, enabling farmers to cultivate larger areas and produce more food with less labor.

Here are Top Agriculture Implements

  1. Cultivator:A cultivator is a type of agricultural machinerythat is used to till the soil, remove weeds, and prepare it for planting. Unlike a rotavator, which typically turns over the soil, a cultivator usually works on the surface of the soil, breaking up clumps and smoothing the ground.

       Types of Cultivator

  • Hand cultivators -These are simple, hand-held tools that are used for small-scale gardening and weeding.

  • Tine cultivators - These are similar to rotavators, but with smaller tines that work the soil more gently. They are often used for working around plants and in small garden beds.

  • Spike-tooth cultivators - These have small spikes that penetrate the soil and break up clumps. They are commonly used in orchards and vineyards, where the soil must be worked around the roots of trees and plants.

  1. Rotavator / Rotary Tiller:A rotavatoris a type of agricultural machinery that is used to prepare the soil for planting crops. It is also known as a rotary tiller or a cultivator. The machine works by using a series of rotating blades or tines that break up the soil and turn it over, making it easier to plant seeds and remove weeds.  

       Types of Rotavator

  • Standard rotavators-These are the most common type of rotavator and are used for general soil preparation. They are available in a range of sizes and can be used on small to medium-sized plots of land.

  • Heavy-duty rotavators - These are designed for larger plots of land and are capable of breaking up compacted soil and removing larger weeds.

  • Mini rotavators -These are smaller versions of standard rotavators and are designed for use in small gardens and allotments.

  1.  Harrow:Harrows are essential implements for secondary tillage. They are used for breaking up clods of soil, leveling the field, and preparing it for planting. Harrows come in various types, including disc harrows, tine harrows, and chain harrows.

           Types of Harrow

  • Disc Harrows:These harrows have a series of concave metal discs arranged on a common shaft. The discs are angled to slice through the soil, breaking up clods and creating a smooth surface. Disc harrows are commonly used for deeper tillage.

  • Chain Harrows: These harrows consist of a series of linked chains that drag across the soil. They are used for lighter tillage, such as smoothing out seedbeds or breaking up clumps of weeds.


  1. Plough: Ploughs are one of the oldest and most commonly used agricultural implements. They are used for primary tillage and are attached totractorsto break up the soil, loosen it, and turn it over, making it easier for planting. The ploughs come in different types, including mouldboard plough, disc ploughs, chisel ploughs, and rotary ploughs.

          Types of Plough

  • Moldboard Ploughs: These ploughs have a curved blade called a moldboard that turns over the soil as the plough is pulled through the field. Moldboard ploughs are commonly used for deep tillage and can be used to bury crop residue and incorporate fertilizers.

  • Chisel Ploughs: These ploughs have long, pointed blades that penetrate deep into the soil without turning it over. Chisel ploughs are used for shallow tillage and are often used to break up hardpan or compacted soil.

  1.   Seed Drill: Seed drillsare used for sowing seeds in rows at specific intervals. They are attached to tractors and are used to plant crops such as wheat, rice, and maize. Seed drills come in different types, including zero-till seed drills, pneumatic seed drills, and mechanical seed drills.

     Types of Seed drill

  • Box Drill:This is the simplest type of seed drill and consists of a box mounted on a frame with a rotating disk or fan. The seed is stored in the box and is metered out onto the disk or fan, which distributes it evenly over the field.

  • Air Drill:This type of seed drill uses compressed air to distribute seeds evenly across the field. The seeds are stored in a hopper, and a fan blows them through a series of tubes to the planting mechanism.

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