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Top 10 PPC Ad Networks for publishers in 2023

PPC Ad Networks are one of the most well-liked methods for online publishers to increase their ad revenue. Publishers and advertisers utilize PPC (Pay Per Click Ad networks or PPC advertising Networks) to advertise and increase website traffic. An advertiser pays a publisher (such as search engines, website owners, and networks of websites) in a conventionalPPC Ad networkwhen the ad is clicked. Let's now investigate the PPC Ads' operation.


You must have seen sponsored adverts whether you run a search or are just perusing a website. Pay-per-click is how these advertisements operate. In plainer language, the advertiser will be charged money when a visitor clicks on this advertising. By maximizing the current website traffic, publishers can enhance their earnings in this way. You may monetize your website with PPC ads.

Pay-Per-Click has two models-1. Flat-rate PPC

In this business model, the advertiser pays the publisher a set sum for each click. The average publisher will typically have a rate card that details the pay-per-click (PPC) rates for various parts of their network or website.

2. Bid-based PPC

According to this strategy, the advertiser places bids on particular keywords or keyword groupings to obtain ad space above search results. An online pay-per-click auction is used to put bids between the advertiser and the ad network, or in some situations, the publisher directly.

Did you realize it? Nearly 60% of users are unaware of paid advertisements when they see them.

This is why PPC ads are advantageous for both publishers and advertisers. The pay-per-click ad model is preferred by advertisers because they only pay for clicks that drive additional traffic to their website.

Additionally, depending on your campaign target, PPC-based advertising is easily quantifiable in terms of impressions, clicks, and conversions. As a result, it is more popular with advertising. This is a fantastic way for publishers to make money off of their material.

Now that you are familiar with PPC advertising, let's continue.

What are PPC Ad Networks?

A website or publication that wants to host adverts can connect with advertisers through an online advertising network or ad network. They are compensated by receiving a commission from these advertisements. Unsold advertising from ad networks is supplied to publishers via code placed on their websites. Advertisers can manage the bidding, targeting, and optimization of their advertising campaignswith the aid of ad networks.

How do Ad Networks help publishers?

Publishers and advertisers communicate with one another through ad networks. They make it simpler for publishers to choose their advertising overall by presenting them with contextually appropriate ads. By finding advertisers on their behalf and settling on ad placement and price, an ad network saves publishers time and energy. As a result, Ad Networks make it simple for publishers to displayPPC advertising and increase their revenue.

Top 10 PPC Ad Networks1. 7Search PPC

Publishers can use 7Search PPC to promote their e-learning platform website or app. On ane Learning adsplatform, you might utilize it to advertise your eLearning materials. In the event that a blog is connected to e-learning websites, 7Search PPC enables advertisers to sell it.

Additionally, 7Search PPC makes sure that quick page loads promote more page reviews and, ultimately, more ad earnings. We also raise revenue for your e-learning business. Your optimization is also handled by7Search PPC. placing ads in e-learning

Furthermore, we offer leads to bloggers and publish up to 75% of those leads.


The Yahoo-Bing ad network is called It is the second-biggest contextual advertising company in the world by revenue and one of the top 5 largest ad tech businesses overall. offers suitable adverts based on the market segment of your website. Publishers can use a variety of techniques to monitor the effectiveness of their ads in real time. Additionally, you can adjust the color scheme, ad subjects, and sponsors in accordance with your website.

3. Amazon Associates

Over a million goods, highly customizable advertisements, and simple product integration are all features of Amazon's affiliate program, Amazon Associates. If you have a website or blog that focuses on products, these adverts are typically placed at the conclusion of the material or within it to enhance the visitor experience and offer opportunities for consumers.

4. Taboola

Taboola is a platform specifically for native advertising. Taboola is primarily used by publishers who receive more than 1 million visitors each month, which explains why the ad quality is notably good. Taboola is a helpful tool for retargeting based on previousinternet clicks made by users.

5. Microsoft Advertising

Microsoft Advertising, formerly known as Bing Ads, is the second-largest player in thead network market. In the global search market, Microsoft Ads' reach is now ranked third. Additionally, it's simple to import active Facebook or Google Ads campaigns into Bing Ads. They also assert that they outperform Google Ads in terms of CTR and conversion rate.

6. Adcash

A worldwide internet advertising network for media buyers, affiliates, ad networks, and publishers is called Adcash. With little effort, Adcash enables publishers to increase their earnings from website visits. They provide a range of ad kinds for both online and mobile monetization, including native ads and conventional display ads.

7. BuySellAds

One of thebest ad networksfor publishers is BuySellAds. It enables one-stop management of multi-channel campaigns. Native ad content, sponsored videos, sponsored articles, display banners, host-read radio commercials on podcasts, email ads, and newsletter placements are just a few of their distinctive services. As middlemen, they charge a 25% commission.

8. Infolinks

Since Infolinks has no minimum website traffic requirement, it is one of the greatest possibilities fornew bloggers or publishers. It provides a vast range of ad kinds, is incredibly adaptable, and works well with Adsense. Additionally, companies like Netflix use it. Around the world, they presently have more than 350,000 publishers.

9. Bidvertiser

Another well-known and reputable ad network for small- to medium-sized publisher sites is bidvertiser. Like Infolinks, Bidvertiser has no minimum requirements for website traffic. In-app ads (catfish ads), pop-under windows, native content ads (video and/or text), and XML feed integration are just a few of the different ad formats they provide. More than 78522 network websites are partners with them.

10. Propeller Ads

Propellor Ads is a reputable desktop and mobile advertising network with more than 150,000 publishers worldwide. Through a round-the-clock moderating service, they do manual checks to ensure high-quality adverts. All sizes and styles of banner advertising are supported. Because Propellor Adsalso has no minimum need for website traffic, it works well for all different sorts of publishers.

How to choose the right fit for you?

We are aware of your thoughts. How do I pick thebest ad networkfor my website as a publisher? The first consideration is if you want your audience to identify with the advertisement that is displayed on your website. For instance, you might be able to display adverts for online fashion retailers if you run a blog on fashion and lifestyle. Otherwise, picture how an advertisement for women's boots would appear on a blog that mentions the "Best Reads of 2021."like. 

When you’re looking for an ad network, these are the points to consider-

  • Not every publisher will be accepted by allPPCAd networks. It mostly depends on the caliber of internet traffic you receive, the kind and language of your material, and occasionally even your geographic location.

  • Your audience will be badly impacted by fraudulent or spammy adverts on your website. Therefore, even if you're getting paid well, you should still exercise extreme caution when choosing which advertising to display on your website.

The next step is to find the answer to questions like these below and make your choice.

  • What volume of website traffic can the PPC Ad Network handle?

  • What kind of content do they require?

  • How much will you be paid?

  • Transfer payment method (Paypal, Wire transfer, etc)

  • whether or not the PPC Ad Network is reputable

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