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Charles Sep 26
Darling, you're fine. It's all over. You're not in danger. All right, dear.. Touching her husband's back, Alice repeatedly persuaded Jobson that whatever he saw in Pyongyang, she wanted him to be well. Yes, I am in China now, not in the hell, no, really no, "Jobson said, gently holding the face of his beloved wife Alice, staring at the gentle eyes, the ups and downs in his heart slowed down a lot.". After handling the simple case of the international mediation delegation on the Pyongyang incident and sitting in the special motorcade of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic that came to meet them at the airport, the uneasiness surrounding the entire delegation finally dissipated. For them, it was like going to hell for a walk. They finally returned to a safe place. The excitement in their hearts finally calmed down at the moment when they were about to set foot on their way home. A fleet of the world's best commercial vehicles, all Mercedes-Benz three-series luxury MPVs, quickly drove onto the airport highway, looking at the tall buildings of the Republic on both sides,inflatable castle with slide, the traffic shuttling back and forth on the expressway, Jobson, who had been holding his wife Alice's hand tightly, looking at the bustling capital of the Republic, but in his mind. Jobson's heart was really like knocking down the five-flavor bottle. As a devout Christian, if not for God's sake, he really wanted to curse all the damned Japanese pigs to hell. Honey,inflatable air dancer, are you all right? Alice handed her husband a bottle of mineral water. I'm fine. I'm just a little angry. Jobson stroked his wife's dark hair and held her in his arms, but his eyes kept looking out of the window. The motorcade drove up a viaduct. Jobson could see far away. The tall office buildings showed the financial strength of the Republic today. It was not difficult for him to think of his motherland, the United States. After the Great Depression, under the leadership of Roosevelt, the whole United States finally came out of the predicament, but today the economy is still lacking in vitality, the main factor is the shrinking international market, which was to replace Britain as the world's leading power, but was quietly and easily surpassed. After all, it is the countries that uphold freedom and democracy that will become strong and prosperous? Or will a country with one party in power and multi-party participation in politics, which has always been centered on economic construction, be able to maintain long-term stability? Jobson doesn't know now. He just wants to know why a weak country can be bullied at will, and why the army of a country can openly slaughter the people of another country, inflatable amusement park ,inflatable amusement park, and in the territory of another country? The world does not seem to lack law or conscience, but what really dominates the social order is strength. Jobson suddenly said, "Alice, shall we immigrate to China?" "Immigrants?"? Did I hear you right? Alice didn't seem to believe her ears. She couldn't believe that Jobson, who had been more or less disgusted with the suspicious political system of the Republic for a long time, could come back from a trip to the war zone and say something that would never have been possible before, even in his sleep, but now.. Alice looked into Jobson's eyes with certainty. She believed that her husband had made an important decision this time. To be honest, Alice likes China very much now. First of all, she and her husband came to China many years ago and traveled a lot of places together, from Zhuhai to Liuzhou and then to Shanghai. The film "Walking China" they wrote was bought by a Chinese film company not long ago. They made a national propaganda film with the ever-changing China. One of the materials was Alice and her husband's "Walking China". Strong industry, prosperous economy, excellent education, orderly.. This is the second time that Alice has come to China. For her, all the excellent words she can find are used to describe this ancient and young oriental country, which still seems so inadequate. As a country with an ancient civilization, the Chinese nation has a splendid history and cultural heritage, including the magnificent Great Wall and skyscrapers. The times have endowed China with many new elements, making today's China look very different from other countries in the world, especially in terms of vitality. On campus, we can see students who study hard but are good at doing things and asking questions. The education system, which is so cheap that it can be almost free, enables almost every child in the Republic to get a complete high-quality education. Whether he or she is in a prosperous city or in a remote mountainous area, education has never been divided into boundaries, because they can always be concentrated together. Study in a place where the conditions are better than the local conditions. So Alice knew that whether she was walking in the city or swimming in the countryside, the best buildings in the Republic were always in educational institutions, including gymnasiums, libraries, science and technology exhibition centers, and the lowest basic schools were also at the county level. Obviously, this is to take care of the people of remote counties and cities. Children studying in counties, cities and even provincial cities with relatively good conditions are naturally more conducive to the growth of children. So Alice found the first reason to immigrate to the Republic, that is, her children can get better education. In the Republic, the word "vitality" is more prominent in companies and enterprises that are often measured in units of 100,000, and the word "inclusiveness" also plays an obvious role. From south to north, from east to west, the Republic's greatest impact on the world is the huge number of reliable and innovative industrial products, ranging from the tools of life used by families to the aircraft and ships needed for travel. The Republic is changing the world with industrial economy, as well as itself. Can a country without innovation maintain the long-term prosperity of its industrial economy? Alice obviously knew the answer, which was the second reason why she agreed to her husband's emigration to China,Jumping castle with slide, because knowledgeable people would not starve to death in the Republic, and if Jews could come here, they could come here naturally. joyshineinflatables.com
Max Nov 7
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