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Lawrence Sep 26
Zhang said, "This is the third strategy.." At this point, his eyes suddenly some Yin Shen: "Your Majesty, the prince and the princess are both people with strong feelings. As the saying goes, one mountain cannot tolerate two tigers, so there are often conflicts.". After the prince was in charge of the country, Your Majesty could order Princess Taiping's family to move to Luoyang, the eastern capital, to enjoy wealth and honor, while the military affairs were all entrusted to the prince. From then on, the dispute was over. After listening to this, Li Dan was stunned. Seeing this, Yao Chong hurriedly said, "If Your Majesty follows what Zhang Xiang said, it will be a blessing for the country." Li Dan took a deep look at him and said, "Does Yao Xianggong agree with this?" "Exactly," said Yao Chong! The crown prince is the crown prince of your majesty, sooner or later to the president power, and princess Taiping is just when your majesty first ascended the throne, everything needs to be done, affairs are complicated, can't handle it for a while to ask her to assist, now there is a crown prince, why not let the princess unload the heavy responsibility, the woman's husband and children is the right way. In this way, we can avoid hurting the royal harmony. When Li Dan heard this, he was greatly moved. He never suspected that his sister had the intention of coveting the throne. He only thought that his sister and son were so stiff because they were too congenial. He thought for a moment,classroom interactive whiteboard, then nodded and said, "I have no brothers in the world. I have only one sister, Taiping. How can I be in the eastern capital?". "Let's put her in a closer place and let her go out to relax. The rest can be arranged according to Qing's wishes." If Princess Taiping was sent to Dongdu according to Zhang's advice, it would be a clear signal to the whole world that Princess Taiping would take care of herself in Dongdu and would not be allowed to return to Chang'an. But in other places is different, sooner or later or to return to Beijing, the current move, is only a means to ease her relationship with the prince. As soon as he saw that Li Dan was reluctant to let Princess Taiping go to the eastern capital, he was able to achieve more than half of his goal. Zhang Shuo and Yao Chong were no longer importunate. "I will obey the holy will," they said. The two of them took their leave. As soon as they returned, Yao Chong consulted with Song Jing and issued an edict with lightning speed,smartboards for business, declaring, "All the kings and the emperor's son-in-law will not be allowed to be in charge of the imperial guards from now on. Those who are now in charge of the imperial guards will all be transferred to other posts.". Li Chengqi, the king of Song, was appointed as the governor of Tongzhou, Li Shouli, the king of Qi, was appointed as the governor of Gaozhou, Li Longfan, the general of Zuo Yulin, was the left guard of Donggong, and Li Longye, the former general of Xue Wang, was the right guard of Donggong. Immediately, a second imperial edict was issued, ordering Princess Taiping to move to Puzhou (now Yongji, Shanxi). Later, a third imperial edict was issued: Prince Li Longji was in charge of the country. Three imperial edicts, like a strong like a thunderbolt, interactive digital whiteboard ,smart interactive whiteboard, its incomparable promulgation. They knew the powerful ability of Princess Taiping, so they wanted to create a fait accompli. When the news reached Princess Taiping Mansion, Princess Taiping was taking advantage of her rare leisure time to tease her eldest daughter to give birth to her precious grandson and enjoy family happiness. After hearing the news, she had no time to change her regular clothes, so she went straight to the palace on Pegasus. Li Dan had always feared and loved this sister. Seeing Princess Taiping coming in anger, she questioned and questioned her, which made Li Dan blush and do not know what to do. Princess Taiping clapped her hands on the table and said, "The emperor's brother is very good. He has not gone on a personal expedition, nor has he been seriously ill. There is no reason to let the prince supervise the country.". What will the world think when the news comes out? Song Jing and Yao Chong have evil intentions. Death is not enough to thank the world! Li Dan murmured, "You two are kind enough to think about me. You know, I've always been lazy and negligent in government affairs. It's just what I want to have the prince to help me with state affairs.". ” Princess Taiping said, "But this is not in line with the system. How can an emperor, who is in the prime of life, order the crown prince to supervise the country? As soon as the news gets out, people will either suspect that your elder brother is seriously ill, or suspect that the crown prince is forcing you. Is there little wind and rain in our Li family?" Li Dan sighed in annoyance and said, "That's all, that's all." That's all right. I'll issue another letter to the elder brother, stating that the appointment and removal of officials below the sixth grade and the power of punishment shall be granted to the crown prince, and the appointment and removal of officials above the fifth grade shall still be decided by the elder brother. Is that all right? Princess Taiping thought about it, but it didn't seem to be a big problem if the officials were below the sixth grade. The officials above the sixth grade had to go through the elder brother, and the elder brother had to consult himself. When the time came, the power was still in his own hands. He said, "That's all right. But Yao Chong and Song Jing have bad intentions and must be severely punished!" At this point, Taiping was so angry that he burst into tears. "Over the years, Taiping has done a lot for his elder brother," he said with a sob. "What Taiping has done is all for the sake of Li Tang, but he doesn't want to be slandered by villains now." Li Dan was really afraid of his younger sister. When he saw her crying, he felt very uneasy. "Don't be sad," he said hurriedly. I Well, how about I kick them out of the capital and demote the place? This scene was exactly like when Shangguanyi advised to abolish the throne of Empress Wu Meiniang. After hearing the news, Empress Wu Meiniang rushed into the Forbidden Palace in anger, scolded and cried bitterly, forcing Li Zhi to push everything to Shangguanyi. The proposal of abolishing the queen was forced to stop, and Shangguan Yi was convicted instead. Decades later, this scene was repeated in Chang'an, but Wu Zetian was replaced by her daughter Princess Taiping, and Li Zhi, the indecisive emperor in front of women, was replaced by his son Li Dan. When Princess Taiping heard this, she calmed down a little. She looked at Li Dan and said, "Well.." What about the imperial edict to expel me from Chang'an? When Li Dan saw that his sister had been aggressive all the time, he was also a little annoyed. With some resentment, he said, "Ling Yue, I have no intention of governing the country for my brother. Please help me. But you shouldn't be so stiff with Sanlang.". Some things, you don't think I know nothing in the palace, you. At this point, Li Dan could not bear to say harsh words after all. He softened his tone and said, "You can go to Puzhou to stay for a while. You should relax.". I will ask you to come back after a period of time. Sanlang has grown up and is still calm in doing things. We elders should not interfere too much and let him govern the world. "You.." Princess Taiping was angry, but she had nothing to say. Her brother just asked her to go to Puzhou for a short stay, not never to return. Can she let the emperor brother understand, in fact, she is very concerned about power, she does not want to give up power? Princess Taiping swallowed her anger, brushed her big sleeve, and sneered, "Good!"! In that case, I am too lazy to Cao heart,interactive panel board, since you trust Sanlang, then the world will be managed by him! "Ling Yue." Li Dan got up in a hurry, but unfortunately she couldn't stop him. Princess Taiping had already left. hsdsmartboard.com
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