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anna stark
anna stark Apr 11

Online, play 
infinite craft.

You can use a desktop or mobile browser to play it online at:

It is not yet accessible through the Chrome Extension, CH Play, or App Store.

Play the game by going to 
infinitinfinite crafte craft

 and starting to play!

Your elemental palette and a core area for creation are displayed in the minimalist UI. Just drag & drop the components to see the magic happen. With each combination, more creatures appear along with their descriptions and names. These works become a part of your palette, enabling you to work with them in more ways.

It's easy to use and understand. There are no intricate menus or recipes to commit to memory—just sheer exploration.

Every Crafting Recipe & Mix?
Adventurer, hold on! No set "recipes" exist for Infinite Craft. The unpredictable nature of every pairing is what makes them so beautiful. Some may produce familiar results (soil + water = plant), but others will wow you with their imaginative works. The core of the game is this exploration and experimentation process, which drives you forward all the time.

But have no fear, fellow artist! In the "Discoveries" component of the game, which is community-driven, users can share their creations and the combinations that lead to them. Make use of this abundance of information to inspire you and direct your own path.