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Gooedfg30 Sep 13 '23
[url=]China Sensor Kitchen Faucet[/url]  Product type: Sensor Kitchen Faucet
Size: 452*266*52
Features: infrared induction water outlet
Splash function: two functions
Surface coating: antibacterial anti fingerprint coating
In the kitchen space, hands are inevitably contaminated with food materials. Touching the handle switch increases the cleaning problem for the kitchen.
This product is the touchless pull out kitchen faucet, infrared induction water, sensitive non-contact opening and closing, more sanitary use. 50cm all-round easy pumping and washing, two water outlet modes.
Food grade 304 stainless steel are selected, low lead water is more safe.
It adopts sensitive infrared sensing device, 0.128s fast sensing water flowing, 10cm wide-range sensing control, stretch out your hand to open the water flow, stretch out your hand again, close the water flow, reduce the contact between stains and handle, and be clean and sanitary.
Humanized anti overflow design, the water will stop automatically after 3 minutes.
*The sensing function needs to be used with the handle open*
The touchless pull out kitchen faucet does not need to be plugged in. It is powered by a built-in replaceable battery. Two No. 7 batteries can be used for about 1 year and have a long service life.
Free pumping and unrestricted water use.
50cm pull-out hose is convenient to wash all corners of the sink.
Smooth pulling, stable control of gravity ball and automatic homing.
22mm large elbow design with 360 掳rotation function to expand the fixed-point water falling range.
Double splash mode is applicable to more scenes. Just press the button at the head of the nozzle to switch the splash.
Sprinkling water, the water flow is strong and powerful, and the dirt can be washed quickly
Bubble water, built-in NEOPERL bubbler, abundant foaming, soft and no splashing
Silver ion antibacterial coating, intimate anti fingerprint.
Water use in the kitchen is frequent, oil accumulation, and easy breeding of bacteria on the faucet. We add silver ion antibacterial coating on the surface and use fog spraying process to cover evenly. While reducing the visibility of fingerprints, it can effectively resist Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli and effectively resist bacteria.
Food accessible grade 304 stainless steel materia is with low lead content. Water safety, strong oxidation resistance, anti-corrosion, no rust, wire drawing process, surface treatment, scratch resistance.
The interface between the inlet hose and the sensor adopts a flexible quick connector structure. If the sensor is damaged, the interface can be transferred to the outlet pipe without affecting the normal use of the faucet.China Sensor Kitchen Faucet