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SOLIS is among the top 3 tractor selling companies in India and the 6th largest globally. For over 5 decades, Solis tractors have well established its name in the national and international agricultural market. Our experience has honed our expertise enabling us to build tractors at the utmost level of quality for farmers worldwide. With production of 300,000 tractors per year, SOLIS is a frontrunner company in manufacturing tractors and farm equipment in India.

When it comes to farming tractors, the Solis compact series perfectly complements your requirements. Since smaller farms or small industrial tasks require extra efforts and systematic approach, Solis compact tractors deliver the best performance and advanced ergonomics in the fields. Known for their power and efficiency, these tractors are highly productive, economical, and fuel-efficient as well. So, you don’t have to think twice before you buy compact tractor from Solis.

If you own a farm or property, a tractor is essential machinery that is necessary to help with the daily tasks and operations in your farms. Selecting the perfect tractor means having one that is relative to the size of your property. Buy compact tractor that is able to do the job without giving you back-aching troubles and without taking over your entire property. But before you buy compact tractor figure out what your tractor will be used for, whether it’s for ploughing, cutting hay, moving hay or pallets of feed, mowing grass or any other operation. So, figuring out exactly what your tractor will be used for should be the starting point. Since tractors are an important part of farm mechanization and ensure greater output, lookout for Solis reviews, as it would help you to determine which tractor would be suitable for your specific farm requirements.

Solis Mini Tractor can handle multiple tasks. Its smooth mowing technique makes it easier for you to mow the grass on your private lawn or farm. Its compactness makes it work in narrow places and results in a smooth field without any rough patches. Its unique hydraulic system helps in dragging and moving items quickly. Besides this, Solis utility tractors can also make digging easy and be your best snow-removal machine..

Many tractors besides their powerful engine and capability can’t work properly in muddy and wet conditions. This can be a huge trouble if you’re forced to stop work each time it rains which may result in delayed deadlines. If you need to keep working in muddy & wet conditions, turn to the SOLIS agriculture tractor. The lightweight yet strong body, 4×4 wheel drive, and effective traction of these machines can move across the turf without creating ruts or pulling out the grass.

SOLIS deploys and leverages an in-house high-tech training centre to impart knowledge and training about compact tractors including product specifications, maintenance, and optimum utilization to employees, business partners, and customers. The young and fast-growing agriculture tractors company globally, SOLIS  has reached the milestone of more than One Lac twenty-five thousand strong customer base with a prominent presence in more than 150+ countries in a short time, which reflects the brand equity, for the makers of the best compact tractor. Trusted and preferred all around, Solis is providing value-for-money products and customer-friendly services worldwide.

Having a very strong presence in most of the significant markets worldwide, presently, our agriculture tractors are leading the market as the most selling tractor brand in 6 different countries in Asia, Africa & Europe. Offering customized tractors as per local preferences in Brazil and Turkey, Solis is presently the only Indian compact tractors company to have a presence across 28 countries in Latin & South America. While augmenting a noticeable presence in 40 EU & non-EU countries, the brand has successfully launched its tractors in the USA market.

Since tractors form an important part of farm mechanization while optimising productivity and profits for its users, tractor reviews help us to determine which tractor would be best suitable and affordable depending on the requirements. Tractors are highly reliable & dependable machine for farmers and they help in performing a wide range of tasks like haulage, land reclamation and carrying out crop production. In a country like India, where the major occupation is agriculture, tractors become a crucial part of boosting your potential to open new doors of possibilities. 

One of the best features of Solis tractors is their versatility to be used in every season owing to their technological advanced features. Compact Tractor With Loaderprovide unrivalled operational efficiencies and versatility for a variety of jobs, including road maintenance, snow removal, tilling, cultivating, or mowing land, harvests, ploughing farms, and more.When you buy it, the tractor’s cost might be something, but one must not forget the maintenance and how much you would salvage on reselling. Also, let’s try to understand what a customer gets when they go for Solis.

Well, the thing is, it depends on what kind of farm you have and what is the specific requirement of the tractor and equipment. However, going by the norm Solis 26 Tractor is an exceptional fit if you are looking for an efficient machine that can help you with your agriculture needs. But one thing is for sure: when you visit the outlet, take a live demo.

Old compact farm tractors? – It might be a perfect choice if you are looking to get by and manage your workload. Second-hand tractors might come cheap, but they may very well prove costly in the long run. If you are well-versed with the research, it will not come as a surprise to you that Solis is synonymous with the most formidable performance and durable design. Innovative farmers always think of the future. Here the suggestion would be to try out new options as the machine will have a long life minus the extravagant expenses on the maintenance. When you decide to go with a world-class brand, you can be sure of the quality. Therefore go with the best small tractor that solves your challenges.

Now let’s say you have chosen the machine to transform your farming and upgrade to innovative agriculture practices. How about the shed? When it comes to taking care of your tractor, one has to provide all the maintenance. The climatic conditions and weather changes affect the longevity of the equipment. It is just like having a car. Yes, you will require a shed to park your tractor. Buy a compact tractor and do your due diligence as to what all other investments you will have to make.

What makes Solis tractors unique and how does it create a benchmark of comfort in farming?



Solis tractors are dynamically built to let the user experience ease of working with unparalleled comfort. With every Solis tractor, you get a spacious operator seat, armrest and headrest so that you can work all day long tirelessly. Moreover, with an integrated joystick, you can behold the charm of smooth transmissions, that will not only help you work on the farm with ease but also reduce your load of work on the farm.


Some Solis tractor dealerscome equipped with a premium cab to create a comforting environment. It is designed to provide you with wider footstep and a bigger entrance area to ensure you have a smooth treading experience. Moreover, the cab comes with large glassy windows for an enormous view and clean visibility even when the driver’s seat is in reverse position. Needless to say, the cabin also protects the operator from dust, heat and rain.



Solis tractors’ large cab is designed to ensure all-day comfort and less operational stress to the operator. With super-soft cushioning and back support operator or driver can witness the true pleasure of working in a Solis tractor which results in productive performance in fields. Moreover, all the levers in Solis tractors are ergonomically placed and easily approachable to further enhance the user experience.



The steering wheel is designed in a way that it enables the user to pull the wheel closer or push it farther away, thereby allowing you to get easy access and control of your tractor.
On top of that, the aviation-style levers let you adjust according 
to your comfort with a perfect grip, resulting in smooth operability.


Find the right tractor for your needs

The brand offers a diverse range of tractors that offers unmatched dexterity and applications. Solis Series comes with 3 Ranges – S series, N series, and H series. Each series serves a different purpose. However, every tractor comes equipped to handle multitasking as the situation and demands arise.

S Series

Compact tractors range under the S series. Since small farms, industrial tasks, and private yards require upgraded technology and a systematic approach, Solis compact tractor is the best for such work. They have advanced ergonomics and are built to deliver the best performance, Solis is mainly known for its proficiency and power, and these tractors are a true example of high productivity. They are economical and fuel-efficient too. So buying a compact tractor from Solis will never lead you to have second thoughts about your decision.

S series range starts from:-

S20 – It is perfect for any private farm and lawns.
S22- This compact tractor is the best companion for your farming needs, Its power-packed engine and 500 kg lifting capacity is what make S22 an all-rounder.

S26 – This is one of the most powerful and productive compact tractors from the series. The hydraulic power steering helps reduce operational stress.
S26 Shuttle XL tractor – This model is built with a Synchromesh shuttle lever and 9 forward x 9 reversed gear. These advanced features and unmatched potential of S26 adds extra comfort to all your farming tasks.


N series

Solis narrow tractor series is known for its speciality of low turning radius of 3.6m that allows it to move freely in small areas while performing as efficiently and robust as the other ones. This series is especially being made for farmers who work in vineyards and fruit orchards with narrow lanes to move. The design and size of these tractors ensure the ease of operation in these narrow lanes. This series is available in two horsepower.

N75 – The unique hydraulic circuit elevates its transmission speed, and the sleek and stylish bonnet gives it an elegant look. This tractor helps in spraying and orchard applications. They are perfect for narrow fields that give the same power and productivity as the bigger ones.

N90 – The robust body and extra space of Solis N90 allow you to operate comfortably and efficiently. The power steering provides a minimum turning radius, making mowing, munching, transmission, and crop protection applications more accessible than ever.


H series

There is only one tractor that this series offers is H 26. The Mitsubishi engine, hydrostatic transmission, and sleek & stylish bonnet are what make it a complete package for all your farming chores. This is a complete multitasker with advanced tech features and over-the-top lifting capacity. Solis 26 makes farming easier and transforms all your complexity into ease. Also, Solis is soon going to launch another power-packed compact series with more upgraded features and a powerful engine to make farming easier for you.

ITL has marked its history Since 1969, from producing farm equipment to now manufacturing a diverse range of tractors and all types of farming equipment while becoming the 6th largest manufacturing company in the world. Solis, One of the known Brands of ITL, is setting new benchmarks with its compact farm tractorsextraordinary prowess and utility. Solisis doing wonders and redefining agriculture by using new-age agri-tech to promote futuristic technologies among-st farmers. They are producing such resilient tractors which can work in the worst soil condition. Solis now has a global presence in more than 140+ countries with a persistent vision of always serving the best. The Brand provides farm tractors and offers a wide range of all auto components, engines, diesel gensets, etc.


Their tractor range comes in 3 series- S series, N series, and H series. These include compact farm tractors, tractors for narrow tracts, and tractors built-in with hydrostatic transmission. Solis has got you covered from any farming difficulties. What mainly distinguishes Solis as a brand from other companies is their compact tractor range, which can work efficiently on the field compared to big farm tractors. Solis focuses on every corner of farming needs by designing its models for different countries based on their agriculture and weather conditions.

Decide Whether You Need A 2WD or A 4WD  

If you are going to use your tractor primarily for front implements, 4WD may be a better option than 2WD. It is also worth noting that 4WD tractors have a higher resale value than 2WD tractors. Once you have made up your mind, get into the basics.


Hop inside the cab and observe the number of hours of operation the tractor has performed. On the other hand, diesel engines can go for much longer. In general, diesel engines are considered to still be good at 6,000 to 10,000 hours
of hard work. If they are well-maintained some tractor models can exceed even 12,000 hours and still operate like new. It solely depends on the tractor model and maintenance. Do your complete homework and do not be afraid of a bit larger number of operating hours, sometimes the
mini tractor for salemay still be in excellent shape if the previous owner or owners have maintained it really well.

Do review the maintenance logs, inspection lists, work orders, receipts and any other supporting documents you can get your hands on. These documents combined with detailed questions to the seller can offer valuable insights about the history of the tractor, and how often and what types of repairs were performed. It could also uncover potential issues that have not been addressed by the owner!

Before you start the tractor, you must check the engine oil level, as a cold engine provides the most accurate reading. The engine oil level ought to be between the “Full” and the “Add” mark level on the dipstick. Too low of engine oil level can indicate signs of neglect. An Engine oil that is in good condition should look like golden honey colour. Whereas a dark brown to black colour signifies that the engine oil and oil filter ought to be replaced. If engine oil changes have been neglected, there is a good chance of the build-up of sludge in the engine. To confirm this, remove the engine oil filler cap and look into the engine using a flashlight.

Examine for leaks and poor seals while inspecting hydraulics, chances are you might spot signs that damage to the outlets or hydraulic tank. Check the fluid levels, it should be at the maximum mark.

Open up the radiator, if you do not find any leaks and the coolant and radiator cab are clean with a nice dark green, it is likely good. Do not forget to seek for any white scum or bubbles in the radiator, or moisture at the bottom of the radiator, as this could indicate serious and expensive repairs!